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Which Commandments Applied to Adam?
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The Gemara on 56b discussed this in the context of the overarching discussion of the “Seven Commandments for All Descendants of Noah.” The Gemara there brings the list of the Tana of Menasheh’s Academy and then presents an opinion that Adam was given three commandments: 1) Don’t do idolatry, 2) Don’t blaspheme God, and 3) […]
How Do We Scare Witnesses from Bearing False Testimony?
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On 29a, the Gemara made several suggestions as to what we say to the witnesses in order to instill fear in them from giving false testimony. Rav Yehuda proposes that the court cites Proverbs 25:14 to the witnesses: “Clouds and wind–but no rain–when a man takes pride in a false gift.” The verse means that […]