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Bechoros 25: Sechita (part 1)
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דבר שאינו מתכוון: It is asur to plug a hole in a wine barrel on Yom Tov using a rag because it leads to sechita. Since it’s a psik reisha everyone agrees it’s asur. Why is פסיק רישא asur?
Bechoros 25: Pasul Sefer Torah
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If we know there is a psul in a Sefer Torah but don’t know where the psul is and subsequently find a psul in the Torah. Can we assume the psul is the original one and use it immediately or do we say it might be a new psul and the entire sefer torah has […]
Bechoros 24: Torah Lo Bashamayim
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Rambam: If a Navi reports that the halacha is like a certain opinion he is considered a Navi Sheker, even if he performs a sign. Why? Because “לא בשמים היא”. The Rogatchover’s asks: If so how can the gemara say that when Eliyahu comes he will pasken for us?