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Bechoros 29: Paying for Mitzvos (part 2) – Paying a Rebbe
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Paying to learn Torah and receiving payment to learn (rebbeim, rabbanim, and avrechim in kollel) “מה אני בחינם אף אתם בחינם”: Did Moshe mean just as Hashem told Moshe to teach Torah without payment so too Bnei Yisrael or just as Hashem taught Moshe without payment, so too do we have to follow that original […]
Bechoros 25: Sechita (part 2)
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Squeezing olives and grapes vs. berries and pomegranates on Shabbos. Fruit made primarily for their juice vs. other fruit. Juice that comes out while cutting fruit and vegetables on Shabbos. Eating grapefruit on Shabbos.
Bechoros 25: Sechita (part 1)
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דבר שאינו מתכוון: It is asur to plug a hole in a wine barrel on Yom Tov using a rag because it leads to sechita. Since it’s a psik reisha everyone agrees it’s asur. Why is פסיק רישא asur?