OU Daf Yomi Flash Drives

Playback Instructions for OU Daf Yomi USB Drive:

The Daf is organized by masechta.  You have the option of importing the entire Daf Yomi series, or importing by masechta.



  1. Open iTunes
  2. (Full Daf Yomi) Drag and Drop “The OU’s Daf Yomi” folder into your library
  3. (Masechta) Double-click “The OU’s Daf Yomi” folder and Drag and Drop the desired Masechta into your library
  4. All files will be automatically copied into your audio library



  1. Complete iTunes Instructions
  2. Plug in iOS device – It will appear as an icon within iTunes
  3. Drag and Drop the desired files from your library onto the iPhone/iPad icon


Android Devices

  1. Plug in device with associated USB cable – The device will show as an external hard drive.
  2. Drag and Drop desired audio from “The OU’s Daf Yomi” folder into the “audio” folder on your device.


Please feel free to contact us at webhelp@ou.org if you require further assistance.  Thank you!