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Resolve Together

Zoom Learning

August 21, 2020, by

As my father has not been able to return to shul and his previous learning schedule (he is in the highest risk category) I have started to learn with him bchavrusa over zoom. This has been a beautiful experience for both of us and I hope to continue it until 120 with God’s help.

Sticking with a Shul

August 21, 2020, by

My personal goal is when my shul reopened I accepted upon myself  to daven in one shul as much as possible-no shteeble hopping.

Time Together

August 21, 2020, by

During the week, it’s been hard to do anything outside of work and the basics of taking care of our home. On Shabbat, we started having a kiddush at home, sipping coffee and sharing yummy baked goods, slowing down to discuss the parsha or other thoughts on our mind. See the post and comment here.

What Makes Us Strong?

August 21, 2020, by

What makes us strong? Resolve is a double entendre… it means to decide to do something, but also means strength. Deciding is a form of strength. As we enter Elul, we focus a lot of our energy on deciding to NOT to a lot of things (more for me than most!) But what do we


August 21, 2020, by

One of the big benefits of being “grounded” due to COVID is that I have been with my family for the longest single continuous period of time since I married in 1991. I resolve to continue to spend more quality time at home even when travel resumes to normal. #RESOLVEtogether See the post and comment


August 21, 2020, by

After COVID-19 I want to keep up with my increase in learning.

Staying Formal

August 18, 2020, by

Being cognizant of Davening being a meeting between me and my Creator, I have resolved to put on a jacket and hat every Mincha and Maariv, no matter if I am in Shul, in my home, or even on vacation. See the post and comment here.

We’re All In This Together

August 13, 2020, by

Getting the word out along w/ my favorite NEY friends by asking everyone (i.e. College students party-goers) to please bring their own face coverings w/ them to help us end this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic sooner so we can resume our normal social lives sooner (i.e. Adult bowling league and/or Get Cookin’ w/ Yachad). If my

How We Resolved Together

August 6, 2020, by

As the COVID-19 pandemic set in, our family found ourselves ungrounded without the typical structures of work and school schedules. A month later, we were blessed with the addition of our third child, which caused further change. But, the upside was that when one of us began working from home, we regained lots of time