This sounds like me!
You’re a parent, like us. You want the very best for your children - and so do we.
That’s why the Houston Community has partnered with the Orthodox Union to present:

The Empowered Parenting Initiative

Parenting Course
based on the Guiding Good Choices Curriculum of University of Washington
Research-driven methods
to strengthen the critical parent-child relationship
Led by top educators and experts
in conjunction with community parents like you!

What will I learn

How to be the best parent you can be!

The Guiding Good Choices Curriculum from University of Washington was formulated by an expert team of psychologists and educators to help strengthen your relationship with you children during their most formative years. This robust course will equip you with research based, action focused approaches and strategies that you can implement immediately in your family.

Gershie Meisel
Tzippy Meisel
Rabbi Gershie and
Tzippy Meisel

Course geared for families with children ages 9-14
5 consecutive Tuesdays, 8pm - 10pm
Starting 5/30
at YTE
11330 Braesridge Drive
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Where did the Empowered Parenting Initiative come from?

A group of everyday parents who want to have a positive influence on their kids every day!

The Empowered Parenting Initiative, a project of the Orthodox Union, developed through a group of parents, just like you, who wanted to make a powerful impact on their children’s lives. As the name suggests, our mission is to empower parents with all the tools they need to raise healthy children.
The Guiding Good Choices Curriculum is one of the many resources included in our robust parenting toolkit. We also have partnered with Dr. Eli Shapiro, director of The Digital Citizenship Project, which educates and empowers parents about healthy uses of technology for their children. As well, we’ve developed The Healthy Habits Hub, which focuses on creating healthy, sustainable habits with small but meaningful changes to your daily routine. Additionally, we’ll help facilitate various webinars and programs to be taught by top educators and leading Rabbis and Rebbetzins on pressing issues that face our community.
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Houston's Community Leadership endorse the Empowered Parenting Initiative

Dear Houston Community,

The shuls and schools of our community have joined together in a unified effort to ensure our successful growth within one of the most important areas of our lives - our families. Earlier this year, the OU reached out to the leadership of our community with a collection of excellent resources and a full year of programming to enable us to become more effective parents. The central focus of all of these efforts is to deepen our relationships within our families, and we hope you can take part in as many upcoming opportunities as possible.

In particular, we encourage you to register for the upcoming Guiding Good Choices courses - a number of opportunities to take part in this program will be available in the coming months.

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