The Seder Night: An Exalted Evening


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Invite the Rav to your Pesach Seder

“The Seder Night: An Exalted Evening” presents the full text of the Haggadah with a comprehensive commentary straight from the teachings of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik.

The commentary on the Haggadah — which draws from the entire corpus of Rabbi Soloveitchik’s writings and lectures — has been expertly and lovingly edited by Rabbi Menachem Genack, CEO of OU Kashrus Division and devoted disciple of the Rav.

New for the second edition!

The new, revised edition features the full text of Shir HaShirim with the Rav’s commentary on Shir HaShirim.

The insights you’ll learn and share will transform
the Seder Night into an “Exalted Evening”!



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