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Covenant and Conversation- Redemption

Covenant & Conversation: Exodus – The Book of Redemption

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Covenant & Conversation: Exodus – The Book of Redemption

by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Hardcover, 340 pages, Regularly $24.95 / Now $21.21 (15% discount), ISBN 9781592640218

The First-Ever Collection of Essays on the Weekly Parsha from Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

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The Torah is an encounter between past and present, moment and eternity,
which frames Jewish consciousness. In this long-anticipated five-volume
collection of Parashat haShavua commentaries, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
explores these intersections as they relate to universal concerns of
freedom, love, responsibility, identity, and destiny. Chief Rabbi Sacks
fuses Jewish tradition, Western philosophy, and literature to present a
highly developed understanding of the human condition under God’s

Erudite and eloquent, Covenant & Conversation allows us to
experience Chief Rabbi Sacks’ sophisticated approach to life lived in an
ongoing dialogue with the Torah. The first volume, Genesis: The Book of Beginnings, was awarded the 2009 National Jewish Book Award. Exodus: The Book of Redemption, is the second volume to be published in what will be a five-volume set.

About the Author

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
Rabbi Jonathan Sacks is one of
the most original thinkers and articulate writers in the Jewish world today.
Educated at Cambridge University and Jews College London, he has been Chief
Rabbi of the United Kingdom and the British Common-wealth since 1991. Rabbi
Sacks is the author of many books of Jewish thought.

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Praise for the Book
“…an intellectual and philosophical journey through the underpinnings of our faith and the origins of our people…challenging, thought-provoking, and relevant.”

—  Rabbi Steven Weil, Executive Vice President, Orthodox Union

“Jonathan Sacks is truly a towering figure… He ranges
with extraordinary ease across different fields, making
a contribution that is uniquely and distinctively
his own. In particular, as few other people can, he
relates the insights of religion to the modern world
and retells the story of faith in a compelling way,
and that is a rare and remarkable achievement.”

—  Tony Blair, Former Prime Minister of Great Britain

“…Deep and inspiring…concise yet profound, these frequently poetic ruminations make for perfect reading for the lay person or scholar who wants something deeper out of his weekly supplemental parasha reading.”

—  Text & Texture Blog (Rabbinical Council of America)Full review

“Sacks is both a great scholar and a great communicator, and he has done a superb job in crafting commentary than is at the same time erudite and accessible to the average reader…Sacks calls on the wisdom of ancient commentators and modern scholars alike as he takes readers on their weekly journey through the Torah.”

—  The Jewish Standard (New Jersey)Full review

“Rabbi Sacks formulates textual explications, philosophical extrapolations, and hashkafic ideas alike in clear, simple and elegant prose, clearly meant for all to understand.
Rabbi Sacks draws upon the Talmud and classic meforshim as well as secular philosophy, psychology, literature and science..the reading of Covenant and Conversation feel[s] like receiving a well-rounded education.”

—  The Observer (Yeshiva University)Full review

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