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Mickey Rosenfeld, Israel’s Police Spokesman, Visits OU HQ

November 12, 2015, by

One of the most dangerous elements of the recent wave of terror in Israel is who the attackers are. “They are young Israeli Arabs who are part of Israeli society, who work with us, come inside our schools, hospitals,” explained Superintendent Mickey Rosenfeld, foreign press spokesperson for the Israeli Police. “The attacks are sporadic. [Terrorists]

Stranded in Germany—What Do You Do?

November 10, 2015, by

Leo “Zeidi” Bleier, father of the author. Growing up, my father always used to tell me that I had to learn to take care of myself. If I was ever in trouble, he explained, no one would help me. His attitude wasn’t a surprise: my late father survived Dachau. Known to all as Zeidi Leo,

Meet Your Long-Lost Jewish Family—In India!

November 4, 2015, by

Known for its exhilarating tours across the Holy Land, OU Israel thought it was high time for an off the beaten track adventure overseas. They’ve set out to discover India—Jewish India. And unlike Columbus, they made sure to hire top-notch navigators. Rabbi Dr. Ari Zivotofsky and Dr. Ari Greenspan, a globe-trotting duo for over three

Midwest NCSY Welcomes a New Sefer Torah to the Jewish People

October 19, 2015, by

NCSY Turns an unfortunate event into a unforgettable learning opportunity When Midwest NCSY found itself with a posul, unusable, Sefer Torah at its annual winter Shabbaton, they turned an unfortunate situation in to an unforgettable learning opportunity: the chance to welcome a new Sefer Torah to the Jewish people—a Sefer Torah that was partially written

WALES, All Castles and Dragons

As a youngster growing up, many family vacations were spent in Wales. A country of amazing culture, history, sights and countryside especially in the North where we visited frequently. The view of Mount Snowdown, from the village of Capel Curig Wales is located on a peninsula in central-west Great Britain. It is about the size

Aruba Delicacies

Last winter I had the pleasure of visiting the Dutch-influenced Caribbean island of Aruba. It is situated about 15 miles off the northern coast of Venezuela, but belongs to the group of islands known as “The Netherlands Antilles” which includes Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, also known as the ABC islands. It is a very warm

Pesach in Havana?

September 1, 2015, by

Ancient cars rolled down the few newly paved streets. Sparking restaurants awaited a sudden rush of curious American tourists in Old Havana’s center, while the rest of the city was stuck in the 1950s. Anti-Bush graffiti  and portraits of Fidel Castro papered the walls as did signs about the imminent New Year’s Day celebration for

Russian Roots

August 12, 2009, by

I grew up with vastly conflicting images of Russia. It was the place my maternal grandfather fled to avoid conscription into the Czar’s army. A czar whom my paternal great-grandparents mourned because, my grandfather once told me, “they looked to him as a father.” Russia was a place of poverty and hunger. “Les gayn mein