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Five Ways to Teach Your Children to be Respectful

January 28, 2016, by

In this weeks parsha, Parshat Yitro we read about Matan Torah and the Aseret HaDibrot. The most important parenting advice of all is given in this week’s parsha: Honor thy father and mother. Most of us our familiar with this concept, Traditionally, the first five commandments are between God and man and the last five

Tu B’Shevat Lunch Break Webinar Recap: Positive Self-Talk

January 21, 2016, by

Yesterday we had our Lunchbreak webinar: “Planting seeds: Tu B’Shevat Lessons in Parenting.” You can still view it online here after registering. In our class we discussed how, as parents, we can just plant seeds and lay down the foundation of decency, responsibility and mentschlikeit. We want to teach the principle, Derech Eretz Kadma L’Torah. It

Ask Aviva: Can a Working Mother Have it All?

December 31, 2015, by

Dear Aviva, What’s wrong with a working mother valuing her career? Why do I get funny looks when I say “My career means a lot to me?” Why do I feel like I need to hide that or should be ashamed? I don’t neglect my kids; I sacrifice a lot of hours of my job

Parenting Advice from Moshe Rabbeinu

December 30, 2015, by

In this week’s parsha, we learn of Moshe’s experience by the burning bush. Moshe’s modesty is evident; he doesn’t want the job of leading the Jewish people out of Egypt because he does not feel that he is the right man for the job. Hashem, in turn, gently and forcefully encourages Moshe and ultimately convinces

Jacob: The Forefather Who Taught Us a Secret of Parenting

December 24, 2015, by

As we conclude the four parshiot that deal with the stories of Jacob and his sons, we are again confronted by unresolved questions about Jacob’s actions as a father. The question of how could Jacob openly favor Joseph surfaces again in our parsha: it appears that Jacob repeats the same mistake by openly favoring Ephraim

Two Ways to Teach Your Child to be more Grateful

December 16, 2015, by

As a parent, somedays, especially during the holidays, you can’t help feeling that children seem so entitled. It is tough to watch our children want everything, expect to get it and then be upset if they don’t. We need to remember that this is normal. It is hard to not get something when you want

The Simplest Way To Get Your Child To Grow Up To Be a Mentsch

November 17, 2015, by

Many parents tell me: My kids are always misbehaving! My kids are so irresponsible! My kids act all entitled! My children are so impatient! They want everything and they want it right away! Kids are still kids. They are still learning how to behave. They are going to act irresponsibly because they haven’t learned how

Helping Kids Listen

November 10, 2015, by

“My kids never listen to me!” “I have to repeat myself 10 times before my son will help me!” “I don’t really like it when my daughter helps out. It makes more work for me…” This is a common problem that parents have. Children often don’t come when they are called and they are often

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