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Learning From Our Mistakes

July 8, 2013, by

As parents, we are often fearful of allowing our children to move forward and explore because of the possibility of them making a mistake.

Teaching Your Family Ahavat Chinam

July 1, 2013, by

Happy families are families who can love each other unconditionally without judgment. It can be hard at times to remember this fact but it is incredibly rewarding to instill these values in our kids.

Connecting With A Quiet Kid

June 12, 2013, by

We need to cherish our quiet, sensitive, careful and dreamy kids. We need to appreciate their strengths and cultivate them. We also need to find ways to nurture our relationships with them.

The Loss of a Baby

June 6, 2013, by

Savitsky talks with Rabbi Yamin Levy, author of Confronting the Loss of a Baby: A Personal and Jewish Perspective.

Dealing With Your Teen

June 3, 2013, by

To help kids really learn to act appropriately we need to reach their conscience and give them the skills that need to cope with their challenges of high school, peer pressure, drinking and even drugs.

Do Not Place A Stumbling Block

May 21, 2013, by

As parents it is our job to lead our kids on the right path. What do we do when they won’t listen? How can we use our words to get our lessons across?

To Mourn a Child

May 9, 2013, by

Steve Savitsky speaks with Rabbi Jeffery Saks, one of the editors of “To Mourn a Child: Jewish Responses to Neonatal and Childhood Death.”

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