Eikev – Order of Blessings

August 18, 2011, by

Our parsha contains the Torah mitzva of birkhat hamazon, the grace after meals.This is the only blessing on food which is mandated by the Torah, but serves as one source for the Rabbinical commandment to make a berakha before any food (Berakhot 48b). When faced with a variety of foods, we give precedence to certain

A Timeless People

August 16, 2011, by

After attending the Orthodox Union’s first Emerging Jewish Communities Fair in 2006, Dr. Saul Landa, a New Jersey dentist with a passion for photography, was inspired to publish “A Timeless People” (Gefen Publishing); highlighting the history of 18 Jewish communities across America. Dr. Landa’s four-year odyssey resulted in a coffee-table sized book of 380 pages

The Jewish Heritage Experience

August 16, 2011, by

In retrospect, a lot has been said and written about enhancing the Tisha B’Av experience. For many of us the “loss” of our holy places is very abstract; we know that historically we’ve suffered national catastrophes, but feeling it on a personal level is another matter. For that reason, and for many years running, the

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