Day School Affordability Solutions – Orthodox Union Offers Challenge Grants

August 31, 2011, by

The Orthodox Union’s Challenge Grant for Innovative and Replicable Solutions to Address Day School Affordability I. Introduction The Orthodox Union recognizes that day school affordability is an issue of prime concern for the Orthodox community. The OU, through its Institute for Public Affairs, is pursuing legislative initiatives both locally and nationally to ease the tuition

A Man Alone, and in Community

August 31, 2011, by

“Repent, Harlequin!” said the Ticktockman… So begins a short story by science fiction writer Harlan Ellison. In it, the character of the Harlequin is effectively “chased down” by the unrelenting Ticktockman. I am not prepared to critique this short story, nor am I able to determine all the symbolism intended by Ellison. What I do

OU’s Marriage Retreat Earns Rave Reviews

August 31, 2011, by

On July 15-17, 2011, the Orthodox Union held its Sixth Annual Marriage Enrichment Retreat at the Woodcliff Lake Hilton in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey. Our crack reporter from the “Woodcliff Lake Gazette” sneaked into the retreat at its conclusion and interviewed one of the couples in attendance, Mindy and Seth Berman of Highland Park, New

Shoftim – Shabbat Chatan a.k.a. Aufruf

August 31, 2011, by

It is an ancient custom that a groom be called up to the Torah on the Shabbat before the wedding, or in most Sefaradi communities the Shabbat after. In Yiddish this is called “Aufruf” which literally means “calling up” to the Torah. The origin of this custom is given in the Midrash Pirkei d’Rebbe Eliezer

Re’eh – Teshuvah

August 25, 2011, by

The day specifically mentioned in the Torah as the day of atonement is the tenth of Tishrei, Yom Kippur, but the entire ten days from Rosh HaShana until Yom Kippur are also called the “Ten days of repentance”. And to a lesser extent the entire month of Elul is devoted to repentance as well. For

A Timeless People: Cincinnati

August 23, 2011, by

Often called “The Queen City of the West,” Cincinnati was also described by historian Henry Howe as “a sort of Paradise for the Hebrews.” The exclusive excerpt below, a continuation of Shabbat Shalom’s mini-series on Jewish communities across America, is courtesy of Dr. Saul Landa, a New Jersey dentist with a passion for photography, author

Team Yachad Recruits!

August 23, 2011, by

Yachad | Jewish Disabilities Integration/The National Jewish Council for Disabilities (NJCD) will be running as Team Yachad for its third year in a row as an official charity in the ING Miami Marathon and Half-Marathon on Sunday, January 29, 2012. Registration is currently underway on the Team Yachad website, Yachad/NJCD is a non-profit organization

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