Political Problems, Torah Solutions: Treachery

July 19, 2011, by

Lyndon Johnson meets with Presidential candidate Richard Nixon at the White House, July 26, 1968 The Political Problem: An individual takes actions which are treacherous to you or your interests. What are the options for dealing with this enemy? Should you strike back immediately, bide your time, or seek swift justice? The Political Approach “Keep

Slice of Life, Grapes

July 19, 2011, by

Please note: Eileen Goltz is a freelance kosher food writer. The Orthodox Union makes no endorsements or representations regarding kashrut certification of various products/vendors referred to in her articles, blog, or web site. Certain produce requires careful examination and scrutiny for any bugs and insects. For more information, please visit : OU Fruit and Vegetable

Columbus Sets Sail

July 19, 2011, by

At Graeter’s Ice Cream Store in Columbus, Ohio, thirty Jewish teens sit together, laughing, joking and hanging out while discussing Torah. They come from many different backgrounds, ranging from students at Columbus Torah Academy (CTA), who are proud to be a part of NCSY, to participants of other youth groups and unaffiliated public school students.

Masechet Chullin 19a-25b

July 14, 2011, by

The Coming Week’s Daf Yomi by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz This essay is based upon the insights and chidushim (original ideas) of Talmudic scholar Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, as published in the Hebrew version of the Steinsaltz Edition of the Talmud. Hullin 19a-b – Contrasting ordinary ritual slaughter with Temple service The Mishnah on today’s daf (=page)

Pinchas – Intermarriage

July 14, 2011, by

In our parsha, Pinchas receives a special eternal blessing for his zeal in preventing intermarriage between the Jewish men and the Midianite women. Intermarriage is considered one of the most severe breaches in Jewish tradition, and the desire to prevent it is the main reason for the prohibition on many kinds of foods prepared by

“Backpacking”: A Potential Solution to the Tuition Crisis

July 13, 2011, by

The Blaine Amendment, which is currently written into 40 state constitutions might be show stoppers in getting government funds for private schools. With that in mind, I refer our readers to Howie Beigelman’s recent op-ed in the Indy Star, reprinted below. Mr. Beigelman serves as the Orthodox Union’s Deputy Director for public policy. The Blaine

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