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The Royal Baby and The Royal Yenta Within

August 5, 2013, by

There are some of us who take interest in the lives’ of strangers because we’re sincerely happy for them and want to share in their good news. But sometimes we look at what the next guy has to compare it to what we have.

Ruminations on Meditation

July 9, 2013, by

Meditation has a place in Judaism as well. Many great Jewish thinkers have described Jewish prayer as a form of meditation. The prophets of yore achieved their heightened spiritual state after intense meditation.

Myth vs. Fact About Registering For FEMA Aid

November 18, 2012, by

Release date: NOVEMBER 16, 2012 Release Number: 4086-014 TRENTON, N.J.– It’s important to know the difference between myth and fact in the aftermath of a hurricane. Survivors need accurate information on registering for FEMA aid and on what they may be eligible to receive. The best rule of thumb: if you’re unsure if you are

NCSY Searching For Volunteers To Aid Sandy Relief Efforts

November 9, 2012, by

We were just beginning to recover from Sandy and our region was hit very hard once again from this Nor’Easter they are calling Athena. There are so many people affected and we want to be able to respond to help with whatever they need.   NCSY has been very busy working around the clock with disaster relief programs to help out those

Volunteer and Donor Opportunities in Response to Hurricane Sandy

November 7, 2012, by

Met Council Volunteer and Donor Opportunities in Response to Hurricane Sandy Take Action. We need volunteers for hands-on support for the following: Items Drive: Hurricane victims are in need of the following items in great demand: – Bottled water – NEW blankets – Paper goods such as toilet paper, paper towels, etc. – Cleaning products

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