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NY1 Reports on Torah in the City

January 17, 2017, by

“Members of the Jewish community flocked to Queens on Sunday for a day of learning,” NY1 reported. “The Orthodox Union held its first annual Torah in the City seminar in CitiField.” Watch the full video here: http://www.ny1.com/nyc/queens/news/2017/01/16/orthodox-union-holds–torah-in-the-city–at-citi-field.html

Palermo, Sicily, to Get First Synagogue in 500 Years

January 10, 2017, by

The Roman Catholic Church in Palermo is giving the Jewish community ownership of part of a church and monastery complex built atop the ruins of a medieval synagogue. The move is being viewed as a gesture of reconciliation more than 500 years after the expulsion of Jews from Sicily. The church will finance renovations in

Blessing for the Czar: Why We Pray for a President

January 9, 2017, by

“Rabbi, may I ask you a question?” “Certainly!” “Is there a proper blessing… for the czar?” “A blessing for the czar?  Of course!  May G-d bless and keep the czar… far away from us!” We all know that little exchange from Fiddler on the Roof- one of the more memorable lines.  It speaks to something

Pants on Fire: The Occasional Liar is an Anomaly

December 21, 2016, by

On December 1, 18-year-old Baruch College student Yasmin Seweid reported that she had been attacked by a group of drunken men who chanted “Donald Trump,” called her a terrorist and tried to rip off her hijab. She further claimed that no one in the crowded subway car where the attack allegedly occurred came to her

Rabbi Shaul Robinson of LSS Calls for Prayers for Syria

December 15, 2016, by

Dear Friends, As we watch helplessly from afar, a humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding in Syria and in particular the city of Aleppo. Today’s New York Times describes “A Complete Meltdown of Humanity’: Aleppo Civilians Gunned Down as They Flee” . The words ‘Never Again” feel painfully hollow as we witness murder and massacres proceeding with no one

OU-JLIC Students & Educators Launch Campaign to Help Firefighters in Israel

December 8, 2016, by

L to R: Elan Karoll, Ahava Schachter-Zarembski, and Hayley Nagelberg. For Jewish students at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, the recent devastating fires that spread throughout Israel was an opportunity to share warmth – in a positive way. Illini Hillel, Orthodox Union Jewish Learning Initiative, and the Israel Education Center joined together this week

Defending Black Santa

December 5, 2016, by

This year, the Mall of America announced their first black Santa. Most people are okay with this – quite pleased, actually! – but there is a very vocal minority that has a problem with this. And yes, it’s racially-based. “Santa is white!” they scream. Some of them insist they’re not racist, they just want to

What’s in a Name? Everything

November 23, 2016, by

“Your name shall no longer be called Abram; rather, your name shall be Abraham, for I have made you the father of a multitude of nations.” – Genesis 17:5 Bar Kapara taught that whoever refers to Abraham as “Abram” violates a positive mitzvah since the Torah says “your name shall be Abraham.” Rabbi Eliezer says

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