Not Your Bubby’s Wine

June 1, 2015, by

Hip, edgy, and the only of its kind on the shelves, Ralph’s company L’Chaim Kosher Wine is definitely not your Bubby’s wine, but it’s certainly worthy of her table. Phrases like that—and “Kosher, Even if You’re Not” have become marketing slogans launched by the international wine house to promote its products beyond the old-school styles

Vayishlach – Stealing

December 7, 2006, by

What kind of person would value his possessions even more than his own self? We might think that this description would fit a very coarse, materialistic person. Yet our Sages tell us that it is precisely the righteous who have this trait! “‘And Yaakov remained by himself’ (Bereshit 32:25) – Rebbe Elazar said, he remained