Guide to Keeping Kosher in Israel

November 20, 2013, by

Planning a trip to Israel? Check out the OU Kosher Israel Guide, a joint effort of the OU Israel Center and OU Kosher. Both organizations understand the complexities of kashrut in Israel. It is important to be aware that there are more aspects to kosher food in Israel than there are elsewhere. The OU Kosher Israel Guide discusses a variety of subjects of interest: what is

Acts of Kindness

October 30, 2013, by

Chesed is the hallmark of the Jewish people and we need to make sure that we are transmitting this midah to our children.

Faith Under Fire

September 10, 2013, by

For many Israelis, the shofar blast that concludes Yom Kippur still evokes the sirens, tears, and prayers of the war that broke out forty years ago on that fateful day. Three veterans’ stories and how the Yom Kippur War affected their faith.