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I Don’t Believe in That God Either

February 22, 2016, by

Last month marked thirty years since the tragic explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger. Seven crew members died after the shuttle broke apart 73 seconds after takeoff. As I’m sure is the case with many of you, I vividly remember exactly where I was when this catastrophic event occurred. Along with many American children, my

A Recap From India

February 18, 2016, by

We would like to thank OU Israel Center for organizing our “halachic adventure” to India. We have not usually shared our adventures but felt that this was something so exceptional that the story had to felt and seen by more than the two of us. Experiencing some these historical events like the restoration of the

Women Take Center Stage at ‘She’s Got Talent’ Grand Finale

February 18, 2016, by

When Karni Abell’s family made aliyah to Ra’anana last year, the 15-year-old left behind her friends and her childhood home in Chicago, but one thing came with her: her music. Although she’s thrilled to be living in Israel, Karni credits music for helping her through the initial rocky transition of moving to a new country.

Are You Tracking?

February 18, 2016, by

There is never a shortage of fitness “crazes.” Every year, there is some exercise more “in” than the year before. The same is certainly true of diets. In our pursuit of the quick fix, we go out and buy the latest diet book because we figure this time is will really “work.” Many times, it’s

Looking for the Grave of a Tzaddik? There’s an App for That

February 17, 2016, by

Imagine this: you’re traveling through a foreign country and you wonder which holy teachers and spiritual leaders are buried in the area. A notification pops up on your phone: the yartzheit of a legendary rabbi is today and your phone gives you GPS directions to his grave. Enter Raphael Maman, a 19-year-old French app developer

Israeli Boy, 11, Stabbed in the Back

February 9, 2016, by

From the JTA: An 11-year-old boy was stabbed several times in the back with scissors in the central Israeli city of Ramle. The boy told police the attacker in the Monday afternoon incident was an Arab man. He was taken to a nearby hospital in moderate condition, police said. The attacker fled the scene. A

Hundreds Gather for Midwest NCSY’s Annual Banquet

February 9, 2016, by

Hundreds of community members came to show their support for Midwest NCSY and what Honoree Mr. Jonah Bruck called the organization’s “lifesaving work,” at its Annual Banquet on January 31 at the Bryn Mawr Country Club. “NCSY is like Hatzolah. They are literally saving lives,” said Mr. Bruck who, together with wife Jo, were the

A Letter to My Son From His First Siddur

February 9, 2016, by

Rabbi Adam Starr of the Young Israel of Toco Hills  in Atlanta, Georgia, wrote a letter to his son from the perspective of his son’s new siddur on the occasion of his Chagigat Siddur at Atlanta Jewish Academy: Dear Adin, I am your very own siddur. I love the way you and your parents decorated my

Three Tips to Raise Happy Jewish Teens

February 4, 2016, by

I work for a great organization, A+ Solutions in Cleveland, Ohio. Last week A+ Solutions sponsored an event with a local Jewish organization, JFX, Jewish Family Experience, a congregation and Sunday School led by Rabbi Sruly and Ruchi Koval. They offer Jews of all ages, backgrounds, and affiliations a fresh look at Judaism in a way that offers

On Eagle’s Wings

February 4, 2016, by

One of the questions that I receive most often is about the description of eagles carrying their young on their wings. The nesher, king of birds, is the most prominent bird in the Torah. Although many assume that the nesher is the eagle, and some of the commentaries have identified it as such, the evidence shows that it

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