Mindfulness in the Service of Hashem

September 10, 2015, by

Today we had our lunchbreak webinar: Tishrei: Tools & Techniques for Family-Friendly Festivals Devorah Levine Katz of and I spoke about practical tips on how to capture the spirituality of these days while juggling work, menus, davening, family and guests. The overarching theme of the class was this: “The little things are infinitely the

It’s All About the Arteries in Your Heart

September 9, 2015, by

Every 34 seconds, someone in the United States has a heart attack. Each minute, someone dies from a heart disease-related event. Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) is the leading cause of death around the world. It kills 380,000 people in the United States every year. CAD is a specific form of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). It results

Headaches and Head Coverings Part III

September 9, 2015, by

When I published “Headaches and Head Coverings” on, I did so with the thought that this was a modest but substantial area of our community’s life that could benefit from more, and more nuanced, discussion in the open air. From the sheer volume of attention the article received, I take this thesis as corroborated,

Learning to Love Even Those We Dislike

September 8, 2015, by

Rosh Hashana is approaching in a few days and I am truly frightened. My fear stems not just from God’s impending annual judgment, but from the current status of our people and how we will appear before Him. Next week we will gather in synagogues around the world and beseech the Almighty – “v’yeiasu kulam

Social Justice Hero, NCSY Champion

September 3, 2015, by

The OU’s own “Liberal Lion,” Dr. David Luchins, national vice president of the Orthodox Union, honored by JCPA   For Dr. David Luchins, the Torah’s commitment to making the world a better place is clear. “Judaism is all about helping the poor, the weak and the widows,” Luchins explained. “My rebbe, Rabbi Aharon Soloveichik taught

Ask Aviva: Morning Madness

September 3, 2015, by

Dear Aviva, This is going to sound so silly, but it is a real problem for me: I have a very difficult time getting up in the mornings, let alone getting up early! With the new school year approaching, and having to get my kids “up and out,” I fear the morning routine. In previous school years

TISHREI: Tools & Techniques for Family-Friendly Festival

September 2, 2015, by

I am excited to be presenting with Devorah Levine Katz as part of the Orthodox Union’s Tishrei Lunchbreak Webinar on Sept. 9. As I look through my material and try to figure out what is relevant and interesting, I keep on thinking about how difficult it is for parents, particularly  mothers, to use Elul to

When Was the Last Time You Had Goosebumps?

August 31, 2015, by

Follow your heart. I Love you with all my heart. Have a heart. Wounded heart. Heartache. Heartbroken. Disheartened. It is clear that of all organs in the body, the heart is the accepted symbol of emotion. But this metaphor is not only employed by our English vernacular. The Torah itself promotes this symbolism. “V’yadata ha’yom

Why Rabbi Kelemen is Mistaken About Kids Leaving Religion

August 31, 2015, by

Last summer, The Jewish Action featured a panel of experts answering the “tough questions.” One of the panelists was the great Rabbi Lawrence (Leib) Kelemen of Neve and Mussar Vaad fame. The question he was asked was: “Why are so many kids off the Derech?” (That’s their term. I don’t use it.) Rabbi Kelemen starts

Meet OU Kosher’s Phyllis Koegal

August 28, 2015, by

Phyllis Koegel is the marketing director of OU Kosher. She was profiled last year in an article in Tablet Magazine that highlighted the important work she does on behalf of kosher consumers everywhere. In the next few months, Phyllis will be writing occasional articles about her experience in the kosher industry. If you keep kosher,

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