JTA Op-Ed: Stop BDS By Supporting Jewish Youth Trips to Israel

July 14, 2015, by

And we couldn’t agree more. Sociologist David Bryfman and Steven M. Cohen write in the JTA that the recent investment in combating the scourge of BDS should also include elements of sending Jewish teenagers on Israel summer programs. The two cite their own work on The Anne Samson Jerusalem Journey, where teens who attended the program

Ask Aviva: Roller Coaster of Love

July 14, 2015, by

Dear Aviva, I don’t know what to make of my marriage. It seems bipolar! When it’s good, it’s unbelievably amazing. When it’s bad, it gets ugly and feels like Gehinom. I don’t think this is normal… What should I do? -Roller Coaster Ride Dear Roller Coaster Ride, Oy, this doesn’t sound like a fun ride.

The Wise Zeide: Against the Urgency of Now

July 14, 2015, by

But Zaide made us laugh, Zaide made us sing… – My Zaidy – by Moshe Yess What is the role of a wise, Jewish leader in addressing the wants expressed by his generation? What is his role in communicating the eternal values of our people, while convincing those who come to him with the demands

Publish or Perish? Both?

July 13, 2015, by

Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin, NCSY’s director of education, recently published his first sefer. He wrote about the experience for the immensely popular Seforim blog. My recently published sefer, “Berogez Racheim Tizkor” (trans: “In your anger, you shall remember to have mercy”), whose title is based on the verse in Habbakuk 3:2 and traditionally recited each morning

Meet Anne Neuberger: Chief Risk Officer of the NSA

July 13, 2015, by

Wow. Stop what you’re doing and read (and listen) to this amazing profile of Anne Neuberger, Chief Risk Officer of the NSA (yes, that NSA!) from NPR. Neuberger grew up in Brooklyn in an ultra-Orthodox family. She spoke Yiddish. Her grandparents were Holocaust survivors and her parents were on the hijacked Air France flight in

A Letter from Iran

July 9, 2015, by

This is probably going to be the strangest story you’ll hear about Israel and Iran. In 1976, the Supreme Commander of Iran sent a condolence letter to the Mossad station chief in Tehran. The letter praised the Entebbe raid and called Yoni Netanyahu, who was killed on the mission,  a “martyr.” The Times of Israel

The Jewish Female James Bond

July 9, 2015, by

That headline probably made you wonder, didn’t it? The UK’s Jewish Chronicle has the scoop on the woman who kept Britain’s Jewish community safe for the last 25 years. Until her recent retirement, Carol Laster was head of the Community Security Trust, the organization tasked with providing security for Jewish communities in England. She kept

Adding Some Heart Post Birthright

July 8, 2015, by

Birthright Israel has changed the face of the Jewish community, but what happens to all those college students once they come back? They’ve been exposed to the truth of their beautiful heritage, but how do they stay connected once they leave the shores of Israel? Birthright Next was established by the Birthright Israel Foundation as

How to Make a Shiva Call

July 8, 2015, by

Shiva calls are a part of the fabric of Jewish life. But how do you make a proper a shiva call? Who doesn’t recall that time when you visited someone in mourning and had nothing to say? Kveller posted this article about how to properly make shiva calls. Some points include not trying to cheer

The Other Hand

July 7, 2015, by

Recently, I shared my thoughts on the Charleston, South Carolina shooting, specifically the forgiveness granted by the families of the victims. I posited that, while admirable, such automatic absolution does not reflect the Jewish ethos, in which forgiveness must be earned through regret, an admission of guilt and a resolution to make things right. None

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