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Called Out? Own It.

March 30, 2017, by

Every one of us has done something embarrassing or something we regret. The question is, when we get called out for our actions, how do we respond? Do we own our misdeeds or do we double down on them? Owning up to our errors can be mortifying – nobody likes to eat humble pie –

10 Mistakes Every Couple Makes #10

March 28, 2017, by

Your marriage is great but…is it reaching it’s full potential? Rabbi Shafier is a leading expert in marriage improvement and has been immersed in strengthening shalom bayis for the past fifteen years. His straight-talking, Torah-based approach is applicable, appropriate and realistic and has reached over 30,000 homes throughout the world. Join other growth-orientated couples that have

OU Jewish Communities Fair Snapshot: Cincinnati, OH

March 22, 2017, by

Back in 2005, when my husband – a native Cincinnatian– and I started dating, one of the first things my Brooklyn-born father said was: “There are Jews in Cincinnati?” Much to his surprise, Cincinnati is one of the oldest Jewish communities in America, dating back to 1817, and our Orthodox community here is strong and

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