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Kathy Griffin Learns About Unintended Consequences

June 9, 2017, by

Comedian Kathy Griffin has been taking serious heat for posing with a bloody effigy of President Donald Trump’s severed head in a picture by photographer Tyler Shields. Yes, President Trump is a polarizing figure but even many of his detractors have deemed Griffin’s actions to be a step too far. Consequently, Griffin’s tour gigs have

There Are No Secrets

June 8, 2017, by

Harvard University recently revoked offers of admission to at least ten incoming freshmen after they exchanged sexually-explicit memes and racist messages in a private Facebook group chat. The admitted students had formed a messaging group entitled “Harvard memes for horny bourgeois teens” whose posts included memes and images suggesting sexual assault, and callously addressing such

Man’s Search for Meaning

June 5, 2017, by

After surviving Auschwitz, Viktor Frankl opened his practice as a psychiatrist on the Upper East Side, and he was shocked by the stories patients told him. A human being who leads his/her life without purpose will inevitably be depressed, he concluded.

The Modzitzer and Me

May 24, 2017, by

The Modzitzer and Me Intro: Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, former head of the Orthodox Union and a popular speaker and writer, was a young rabbi living in Brooklyn when war broke out in in 1967. Here, he describes his encounter with Rav Shmuel Eliyahu Taub soon after the war. My memories of the 20th day

Lower Than the Lowest: Torah Thoughts on the Manchester Bombing

May 24, 2017, by

As I write this, the world is still reeling from the cowardly attack by ISIS on the Manchester Arena, which left 22 dead, 59 wounded and dozens reportedly missing. Terrorism is always cowardly. There are protocols to war. Soldiers have uniforms. Armies fight other armies and attack military targets. True, soldiers can violate the rules

Vote Korach!

May 23, 2017, by

I’ve written about this before but perhaps it bears repeating in light of recent events. Which recent events? I have some particular thoughts but it really doesn’t matter because whenever you read this, it is likely that something will be going on that fits the bill. I’m speaking about our partisan political hypocrisy. I’m not

Jerusalem’s Paratrooper Heroes, Up Close and Personal

May 22, 2017, by

Let’s Open Our Sefarim This Yom Yerushalayim On May 16 and 17, 2017, Shlomo Horwitz of Jewish Crossroads conducted interviews with two heroic paratroopers involved in liberating the Kotel on Yom Yerushalayim. These modest and gentle men, now in their 70s, share their valuable insights. Translated from the original Hebrew by Shlomo Horwitz. Remarks from Moshe

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