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Oldest Hebrew mention of Jerusalem found on rare papyrus from 7th century BCE

October 27, 2016, by

A rare, ancient papyrus dating to the First Temple Period — 2,700 years ago — has been found to bear the oldest known mention of Jerusalem in Hebrew. The fragile text, believed plundered from a cave in the Judean Desert cave, was apparently acquired by the Israel Antiquities Authority during a sting in 2012 when

A Jewish Bucket-list?

October 10, 2016, by

If you go on Bucketlist.org, you can create your own bucket list of crazy antics, and you can also compare and contrast your lists to those of others. The last time I looked, the site claims 48,924 participants with 889,936 goals. That’s a lot to do. Better get them done quickly: you might run out

The GPS and the Chagim

October 10, 2016, by

Sometimes it takes a while to realize that you are lost. You think you are on the right path but it proves to be elusive. But know this: unlikely as it seems, you are still being guided. This August, my family and I thought that we were on the right road, the one to Chalkis,

OU Communities Respond to Hurricane Matthew

October 6, 2016, by

The Toco Hills community in Atlanta, anchored by OU affiliate shuls Congregation Beth Jacob and Young Israel of Toco Hills, is working on a coordinated effort to make home hospitality available to members of the Jewish communities of the Carolinas and Florida who are affected by Hurricane Matthew. Over 50 local families have already signed

Teshuva: Lessons of a broken ankle

September 27, 2016, by

It is Elul and I have fallen. Literally. They say no good deed goes unpunished, right? I have always hated that expression. It seems so unforgiving. And yet, this was a good deed. I was helping my friend Valerie prepare for her mother’s shloshim. Her mother died in a car accident in Nashville, Tennessee and

Yachad Israel: Pizza 4 Soldiers Blogpost:

September 27, 2016, by

“Pizza makes me think that anything is possible” ~ Henry Rollins Yachad Israel is bringing back Pizza 4 Soldiers! Yachad Israel finds it important to show support for Israel’s IDF soldiers. What better way to support than to make and send pizza! At our Pizza 4 Soldiers events, Yachad members, students in Yeshiva and Seminary,

Strategies for Making Real Changes in Your Life

September 20, 2016, by

“Rabbi, what is that on your wrist?” “It’s a Fitbit.” “Why do you wear it?” “It tracks how many steps I take each day, the quantity and quality of my sleep, and other important pieces of information.” “C’mon Rabbi, sounds like shtick to me.  Do you really need that?  What does it do for you? 

How our tax dollars fund Mideast terror

September 19, 2016, by

American and Israeli government officials signed an agreement Wednesday that locks in the largest-ever package of U.S. military aid — $38 billion over the next decade — to Israel. This includes funds for missile defense systems, including the noted Iron Dome, that will protect against rockets fired by Hamas and Hezbollah and other terrorist groups.

Strengthening Jerusalem’s Women One Song at a Time

September 12, 2016, by

“COUNT THE STARS – The Journey of Avraham and Sara”, a spectacular biblical musical about the couple that changed humanity with their faith and loving kindness, is one of the most exciting projects at the OU Israel Center this season. Two evenings a week, dancers, singers and gymnasts rehearse on every floor and in the stairwells too, in preparation

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