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Political Correctness

April 26, 2017, by

If one weighs with weights that are deficient by the standards agreed upon in his locality, or measures with a measuring vessel deficient by the agreed standards, he violates a negative commandment, for Scripture states (Vayikra 19:35), ‘You shall do no unrighteousness in judgment, in length, in weight, or in measure. – Maimonides, Mishneh Torah

OU Jewish Communities Fair Snapshot: Manhattan Beach, NY

April 25, 2017, by

The Manhattan Beach community in southern Brooklyn is a wonderful place to live. It feels like living in the country, with all of the city amenities. There are modern parks where children can play, a boardwalk, the gorgeous ocean and beautiful views of sailboats along Sheepshead Bay.  It is close to shuls, yeshivas, kosher shopping,

OU Jewish Communities Fair Snapshot: NE Philadelphia, PA

April 20, 2017, by

Warm, inclusive and extremely affordable, the Jewish community of Northeast Philadelphia is close enough to NY that residents can easily visit friends and family in the tri-state area. The advantageous location, cost of living, and vast Jewish resources in place for residents make NE Philadelphia a perfect choice for Jews tired of city traffic and

OU Jewish Communities Fair Snapshot: Memphis, TN

April 20, 2017, by

Drawn by its solid Jewish infrastructure, Southern grace and hospitality, and affordable cost of living, young families flock to Memphis, TN, an incredibly warm and well-established Jewish community. Learn about Memphis at the OU Jewish Communities Fair on April 30 Lindi Vanderwalde grew up in LA and attended school on the East Coast—both very different

Due Diligence

April 19, 2017, by

Perhaps the most interesting news story that flew below most people’s radar in April involved the newly-hired principal of Pittsburg High School in Kansas, who resigned after student journalists threw a spotlight on her questionable credentials. Amy Robertson, the principal in question, reported that she received her master’s and doctorate degrees from Corllins University. The

House lawmakers urge increased security funding for Jewish institutions

April 6, 2017, by

“We commend the many legislators who are working to better protect our citizens and institutions, particularly as we witness this disturbing surge in attacks against our community,” O.U. President Mark Bane said in a Monday statement. “No one should have to fear for their safety when they go to school or attend religious services. The

The Secret Heroines of Egypt

April 5, 2017, by

Reposted from Yeshiva.co. One of the well-known statements of Midrash about the Exodus of Israel from Egyptian bondage is that the Jewish people, our ancestors, were redeemed from Egypt in the merit of the righteous Jewish women of the time. We tend to judge Jewish righteousness purely in terms of tradition, ritual and observance and

Commentary: When the Bomb Threat Comes From Your Own

April 5, 2017, by

For many anxiety-filled weeks, Jewish institutions – schools, synagogues, and JCCs in particular – underwent heightened levels of attacks. The vandalism was disheartening enough but what really had people on edge were the bomb threats. Even without the presence of an actual bomb, the tension caused by such a call is overwhelming, to say nothing

The Best Orthodox Jewish Communities If You’re 55+

April 5, 2017, by

Orthodox communities throughout the US are increasingly providing both physical and spiritual amenities for residents over age 55. “The demographics of retirees cover a wide span of ages from 55 to over 95 years of age with many different needs and interests,” explains Rebbetzin Judi Steinig, Associate Director for Community Services at the Orthodox Union and

OU Jewish Communities Fair Snapshot: Brighton, MA

April 4, 2017, by

Boston is not only incredibly hospitable to college students from all walks of life, but home to a diverse, connected and welcoming Jewish community. The main Jewish neighborhoods—Brighton, Brookline, and Newton, as well as some surrounding neighborhoods like Allston—are all within relative walking distance, and the community’s expansive eruv means you can walk for miles

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