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Sprinting Through Life

September 12, 2016, by

The Almighty communicates with us in mysterious ways. We may be going about our daily routine when G-d unexpectedly sends us a message of great importance. Such was the case about two years ago, when I had a harrowing experience sprinting down the corridor of the Love International Airport, outside of Dallas, Texas. I did

The Rabbi and the Playboy Model

September 7, 2016, by

A sentence I never thought I’d have occasion to write: Thank you, Shmuley Boteach and Pamela Anderson, for opening the conversation on online pornography. You read that right. In case you missed it, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and Pamela Anderson co-authored an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on the dangers of internet porn. This is

Remembering Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis zt”l

August 25, 2016, by

Our pleasant stay in Israel was interrupted earlier this week by the news of the demise of Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis zt”l. I use the abbreviation for “zecher tzadekes livracha” advisedly, because she was indeed a “tzadekes.” She founded Hineni and stood at the forefront of the outreach movement long before it became popular and long

Russian Jewish Publishing House Moving Forward With Russian Translation of Talmud

August 17, 2016, by

Russia’s Knizhniki Publishing House is moving forward with its ambitious plan to translate the Talmud (Oral Torah) — the ancient foundation of Jewish religious observance — into Russian. Comprising 63 tractates and 5,422 pages and translating one of Judaism’s most sacred and fundamental texts is no easy feat, especially given the Talmud’s complex structure, dense

Yom NCSY featured in the Jewish Link of New Jersey

August 4, 2016, by

More than 1,500 teens from every OU/NCSY summer program come together at Bar-Ilan University to celebrate the magic of unity and being in Israel. Each program wears different colored t-shirts with the words “Best. Summer. Ever.” emblazoned on the front and the name of their respective programs on the back. Yachad’s Yad B’Yad, Euro ICE,

Why Being an Orthodox Jewish Mom Makes Me a Better CEO

July 26, 2016, by

360i CEO Sarah Hofstetter is not your typical ‘ad man.’ When 360i, the ad agency I run, won Oscar Mayer’s business in 2010, I politely declined their invitation to sample products from their new portfolio. It’s not that I wasn’t interested—I had spent countless hours trying to win the hot dog maker’s business—but my faith

What Is The Jewish View on Ghosts?

July 20, 2016, by

The Ghostbusters franchise has come back from the dead, raising questions on what Judaism teaches about ghosts. According to the Torah, do ghosts haunt our society, crossing over from the dead to appear before and communicate with the living? Texts spanning millennia offer two different approaches within Jewish belief. Judaism teaches that death does not

NBA Star Omri Casspi posts Instagram photo wearing Tefillin

July 12, 2016, by

  NBA star Omri Casspi posted the most amazing shot of himself in prayer on Instagram. “In the past few days I had the privilege of meeting Rabbi Yakov Ades, a righteous and pure man,” he wrote. “We spoke of the merits of Tefillin, Shabbat, Kashrut, modesty, Jewish values and ethics and more. I learned so

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