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The Charms of Rochester, NY

March 8, 2017, by

Nestled on the Southern shore of Lake Ontario, Rochester, NY is known for its slightly unpredictable weather and family-friendly living – Orthodox Jewish families included. Find out more about Rochester at the OU Jewish Communities Fair on April 30 With three Orthodox shuls and several Chabad centers, two day schools, separate boys’ and girls’ yeshiva

My National Service

March 6, 2017, by

Three o’clock on a winter Friday afternoon, with a four-month-old baby in my left hand, I am tacking olive-green fatigues onto a laundry line with my right. My husband needs these uniforms dry in time to pack Saturday night because he’ll be davening at neitz on Sunday before leaving at seven AM for another long

Some People Make It Difficult

March 6, 2017, by

In a few recent opinion pieces, I’ve made passing mention of having some Muslim friends. This is important because many observant Jews don’t know any Muslims at all, with the result that everything they know about Muslims comes from reports of terrorism in the news. This, of course, is a grave injustice to the overwhelming

Academy Award-Winning Negligence

March 2, 2017, by

I don’t watch the Academy Awards. I never have; they hold absolutely no interest for me. Nevertheless, even as a party both disinterested and uninterested, I feel that the gaffe at the Oscars was more than unfortunate. It was disgraceful. In case you’ve been living in a cave for the past week, here’s what happened:

Misguided Zeal?

February 23, 2017, by

I’d like to discuss a recent incident that took place at the Boca Raton Synagogue (BRS) in Florida. Rabbi Efrem Goldberg invited motivational speaker Matthew Kelly to speak. From there, things got ugly. (It bears mentioning that BRS is an OU-member synagogue, though I’ve never been there and I don’t know Rabbi Goldberg.) A particular

A Visit with Nathan Diament

February 14, 2017, by

Nathan J. Diament is the Executive Director of the Orthodox Union Advocacy Center, where he develops and coordinates public policy research and initiatives on behalf of the Jewish community. Nathan has testified before Congressional committees and works closely with members of both political parties to craft legislation addressing issues of religious liberty, education reform and

Commentary: Can We Dial Back the Hitler References?

February 9, 2017, by

There is a form of argument in logic called reductio ad absurdum (reduction to absurdity), which attempts to disprove a statement by showing it inevitably leads to a ridiculous conclusion. A variation of this is called reductio ad Hitlerum (reduction to Hitler), which is the attempt to invalidate another’s argument on the basis that the

Call for Jewish Writing Submissions

February 6, 2017, by

Looking for a place to publish that insightful dvar Torah you’re proud of? Did you just pen a powerful personal essay with a Jewish theme, that you’re dreaming of getting out to the bigger world?

Sometimes it’s Not the Food… Kashrut, Allergens and Microbes

February 6, 2017, by

Food.  If not defined by, our lives are enhanced by it, enriched by it and sometimes troubled by it.  Our days are marked less by hours than by meals.  From the beginning of creation, food has been a lure and a curse.  Cookbooks and diet books dominate bookstore shelves.  Food reviews capture our attention.  There

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