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Ask Aviva: No Mojo

April 1, 2015, by

Dear Aviva, I am a fashion designer who is more of a seamstress. I just don’t know how to be ambitious. I look at all these other designers who seem so cool and put their work out there and I sit and think—wouldn’t that be nice? Then I go watch a show or chat on

Finding Greener Davening, in Georgia

March 31, 2015, by

Those considering leaving the concrete jungles of the Greater New York area for greener pastures will certainly have options for observant Jewish communities at this year’s OU Jewish Communities Fair coming up on Sunday, April 26. Atlanta offers a different style of greener pasture. A greener davening, if you will. Within the Torah observant community

Being a Present Parent While Falling Apart

March 24, 2015, by

I expected a lot difficult things in advance of getting divorced at age 28, as the mother of two small children. I expected my 5-year-old would have an adjustment period acclimating to life in two separate households, and I predicted lonely nights and holidays when my children were with their father, awkward looks from people

Blog Kasher V’Sameach

March 23, 2015, by

We’ve reached out to three popular bloggers to share some easy, delicious, kosher for Passover recipes. Please note the following is a collection of meat, dairy and pareve recipes and in observance with Jewish dietary laws the meat and dairy should not be eaten together. Enjoy! Kosher in the Kitch By Nina Safar Cheesecake Brownies  (Dairy)

Helping Children After a Fire

March 23, 2015, by

A fire is a particularly traumatic event as it is both dramatic and fast. While most children will bounce back and show no reactions, some children may feel vulnerable and experience some anxiety or symptoms. The aftermath of such an event may include fear, nightmares, anxiety, and difficulty being alone. Remember that exposure does not

The Israeli Election You Get a Vote In

March 19, 2015, by

While Americans were largely on the sidelines in Israel’s latest election, there is one Israeli election that American Jews can participate in and it’s a really important one. It’s the election for the World Zionist Congress (WZC) and the outcome will likely have a hand in determining the course of Israel’s future. Below is a

Seeing Israel

March 19, 2015, by

The first thing that struck me was the cold. Israel is a country of contradictions, and freezing temperatures in a Middle-Eastern country located in a desert may have been the biggest contradiction of all. But Israel is also a country of miracles, and the very fact that I was there, huddling for warmth in a

Ask Aviva: Nervous with Neat

March 19, 2015, by

Dear Aviva, I am getting the pre-Pesach jitters, but not for the reason that you think. We actually go away for the entire yom tov, so I don’t need to worry about cleaning. What I am worried about is what will happen when we go away. We will be staying in my parents’ house for

Special Education Beyond the Big Apple

March 18, 2015, by

In the halls of Phoenix Hebrew Academy you may meet a young man with cerebral palsy. The 13-year old relies on a walker and wears a soft helmet on his head in case he falls, but he is perhaps best recognized by the peers around him, who offer to carry his books and assist him

NAIM 2015: Reaching Beyond, Impacting More

March 18, 2015, by

With 25,000 members of the broad Jewish community across the United States and Canada engaged within more than 100 programs in honor of North American Inclusion Month (NAIM), the initiative to springboard and inspire awareness and sensitivity for individuals with special needs has made an impact. Acknowledged five years ago by the United States Congress,

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