Maya Angelou’s Insight Into Orthodox Jewish Continuity

May 30, 2014, by

This article originally appeared at With the passing of Maya Angelou, I am reminded of one my favorite quotes from one of the most inspiring figures of the 20th century. “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya

Ask Aviva: Nay to Neighbor

May 28, 2014, by

Dear Aviva, I need some guidance about an annoying neighbor—and it’s not what one might think. This neighbor is all of 4 years old and cute as a button, but is constantly ringing my doorbell to see if my 5-year-old wants to play. She is always outside unsupervised, riding her bike in the street (and

The Temple Mount is in Your Hands

May 28, 2014, by

This post originally appeared at In his incredible book The Prime Ministers, Yehudah Avner describes the remarkable circumstances surrounding the capture of the Old City of Jerusalem and the reunification of the eternal capital of the Jewish people: Menachem Begin’s brain was so crammed with thoughts that he could not sleep. Tossing and turning,

Why Are We So Scared of God?

May 27, 2014, by

I’m not a big fan of the term “God-fearing.” To me, it seems misused. It’s completely backwards and it makes no sense. How so? Let’s examine. Imagine two individuals at two extremes of the religious/behavioral spectrum. One is a great, pious scholar. He studies, prays, performs acts of charity – the whole nine yards. The

Why I Like Writing About Older Jewish Singles

May 22, 2014, by

An Interview with Ruchama King Feuerman Ruchama King Feuerman is the author of In the Courtyard of the Kabbalist, which was published by the New York Review of Books to critical acclaim. She lives in Passaic, NJ, with her husband, Simon Yisrael Feuerman, a psychotherapist and essayist, and their four children. Her first novel, Seven

Superheroes Without Capes

May 21, 2014, by

The JLIC Couple Bringing Orthodoxy to Life at Queens College Rabbi Robby and Shoshana Charnoff have a rule: dinner at six o’clock at their attached house located 15 minutes away from the Queens College campus; otherwise the two won’t see each other. Frequently dinner doesn’t start on time as they are met on their way

Winner Announced for Yachad’s “Lights, Camera, Take Action!” Contest

May 19, 2014, by

The contest was close but Tova Medetsky was the winner of Yachad’s first “Lights, Camera, Take Action!” video contest by a single vote. Medetsky’s video received 1,506 Facebook “likes” beating out the second place video by Yachad LA’s Doni Yellin and Nani Shapiro. Yachad’s “Lights, Camera, Take Action!” video contest asked friends and supporters of

Enough with the PDAs—In Person and Online

May 19, 2014, by

This article originally appeared on Once upon a time, PDA stood for something now obsolete – Personal Digital Assistant. I will never forget my first Palm Pilot together with its cool stylus and what seemed like a miraculous ability to hold over one hundred phone numbers and a To Do list, all on something

New ADL Study: One Billion Harbor Anti-Semitic Views

May 19, 2014, by

Call it Abraham Foxman’s swan song. The world still doesn’t like Jews. Or at least 1.09 billion don’t, according to the Anti-Defamation League. Those are the results of the recently released The ADL Global 100: An Index of Anti-Semitism, an unprecedented study that surveyed 53,100 adults in 102 countries across the world, representing 88.4 percent of

Letting Go Of Perfect Parenting

May 13, 2014, by

Many mothers, and some fathers, have shared with me their insecurities about parenting. The question that always comes up is, “But am I doing this parenting thing right? Am I really a good parent?” I don’t think that there is one right way to parent and sometimes we are great at parenting and sometimes we

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