The Har Nof Synagogue Attack: A Personal Account

November 20, 2014, by

Dear Friends, Yesterday at about 7am my daughter Miri called. “Mordechai just came home from shul. He said that Arabs came in and are shooting, and that a man with an axe is hitting everyone. Some of the people threw chairs at them, but it didn’t help”. The twelve year old had hit the floor

Ask Aviva: Cosmetologist or College?

November 20, 2014, by

My illustrator Talya Weinberg, and I are shocked and dismayed by the Har Nof massacre. It particularly stings, as she and I have safely walked the streets of Har Nof, never imagining that such an event could possibly take place. We pray for our nation to live in peace and security. Dear Aviva, I’m in

A Good Reason Not to Lose Faith in the Rabbinate – the Rebbetzins

November 20, 2014, by

This article originally appeared on In the wake of the recent horrific rabbinic scandal there has been a loud call for the inclusion of more women’s voices in the administration of the Mikvah, involvement in conversion protocols, oversight of the rabbi, and leadership of the Jewish community. There is no doubt that women have

Hashem Loves You More than You Love Yourself

November 19, 2014, by

The Chovos HaLevavos explains that in order to have bitachon, you must realize that Hashem cares about you in a very real way. You must appreciate that Hashem is deeply concerned for your good. And you must know that Hashem loves you. But Hashem doesn’t care about you as a mortal cares about you. Hashem

Orthodox Union and RCA Request Communal Tehillim Tonight

November 18, 2014, by

We are all deeply shocked and saddened by the horrific terrorist attack this morning upon the Kehillat Yaakov shul in the Har Nof neighborhood of Jerusalem. The murderers violated the kedushat makom tefilah and kedushat zman tefilah. In doing so, they desecrated batei knesset everywhere. The leadership of the Orthodox Union and the Rabbinical Council

Instagram and Jewish Law

November 18, 2014, by

This article originally appeared on  New media and technology still fall under the classical rules of ethics. Their usage can and must be examined with an open mind but with a keen eye for propriety. Instagram is an image and video sharing service that allows users to post their own pictures and videos, view

The Mind and the Heart: Reflections on the Rabbi Freundel Story

November 13, 2014, by

As one of a small group of children who grew up as members of the Kesher Israel Synagogue in Washington, DC, where Rabbi Barry Freundel served as rabbi, I have found myself in a unique position over the past several weeks. Although I was never a victim, Rabbi Freundel was the rabbi of my shul.

Is Hashem Angry with Me?

November 13, 2014, by

“The second question is,” I said, “what could you do to make Hashem angry? “Let’s say that you decided, ‘That’s it. I’m fed up with Hashem, and I’m going to do something to get Him angry.’ What could you do to make Hashem really mad? “The answer is nothing. Because, quite frankly, you’re not important

Ask Aviva: Doubtful Dad

November 13, 2014, by

Dear Aviva, My son’s pediatrician diagnosed him with ADHD and I don’t know if I should medicate him or not. I really don’t want to but he is out of hand at home (better in school though). My wife is refusing. What are our options? -Doubtful Dad Dear Doubtful Dad, To officially be diagnosed as

Eli Hagler’s Looking For Your Reaction

November 6, 2014, by

Once a week you’ll find Eli Hagler in the radio studio down the hall from his office at OU headquarters in lower Manhattan. An energetic, articulate personality with a curious, charming nature, Eli is associate director of the Orthodox Union’s Yachad / National Jewish Council for Disabilities. He uses his experiences in that position to

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