Good Job! Good Effort!

July 29, 2013, by

A lesson in positivity from the 9-year-old boy who congratulated the Miami Heat on their effort on the court and not the numbers on the scoreboard.

Ruminations on Meditation

July 9, 2013, by

Meditation has a place in Judaism as well. Many great Jewish thinkers have described Jewish prayer as a form of meditation. The prophets of yore achieved their heightened spiritual state after intense meditation.

Fasting: Exercise in Righteousness or, Just Hunger Pangs?

July 8, 2013, by

These fasts demand that we bring “suffering” upon ourselves. But why? do our fasts accomplish what the mitzvah demands? After all, the events that these fasts commemorate happened long, long ago. How could we possibly identify with those times. And how does giving up our Starbucks help us do so?

All That Glitters …

July 2, 2013, by

Just as a fish cannot live out of water, Rav Yose made clear that a spiritually-motivated Jew cannot survive away from a dynamic, honest, ethical and moral Torah environment. Nothing of the world, no gold, silver, luxury or technological toy can substitute for “the Torah of Your mouth.”