It’s Over: Now What?

July 7, 2014, by

I don’t think there’s been a similar experience to the one we just endured as a people. In recent memory, we’ve been through bombings, shootings, rocket fire, wars, and a kidnapping of a soldier. Other than Gilad Shalit, we’ve been shocked by the death and destruction imposed on our brothers and sisters, but those moments

“Ema, Was it Very Meaningful?”

July 3, 2014, by

My sister in law, Shayna Goldberg, who lives in Alon Shvut near where the boys were kidnapped, shared her reflections upon attending the tragic funeral for Eyal, Naftali and Gil-ad z’l this week. I found her words incredibly powerful, inspirational and worth sharing: “Are they dead?” Asked my 8 year old Tuesday morning after we

Eyal, Gilad, Naftali—The Daf on Crisis Response

July 2, 2014, by

Together with the entire Jewish people and all people of decency and good will, we were shocked and horrified to learn of the vicious murders of the three boys on whose behalf we had been praying so fervently, Eyal Yifrach, Gil-Ad Shaar, and Naftali Fraenkel. There are no words of comfort that can be said

In Memoriam Eyal, Gilad and Naftali

This past Shabbat we read the parsha of Chukkat with its almost incomprehensible commandment of the red heifer whose ashes mixed with “living water” purified those who had been in contact with death so that they could enter the Mishkan, symbolic home of the glory of God. Almost incomprehensible but not entirely so. The mitzvah

At Graduation, Students Have a Lesson for their JSU Rabbi

June 26, 2014, by

When Rabbi Chaim Neiditch rose to the podium to deliver the keynote speech for an Atlanta public high school at the end of May, parents in the mainly Christian South didn’t know what to expect. He was a rabbi after all; they figured perhaps he’d deliver a fire-and-brimstone exhortation or a lecture on a Biblical

Bring Back My Boys

June 26, 2014, by

Every day I wake up and check my phone for updates about my boys—Gilad, Eyal, and Naftali. I know that I did not give birth to them and they are not biologically my children, but now they are. I know every other Jewish woman feels the same way. I am driving my husband crazy. In

Anxious or Depressed? How Exercise Plays a Role

June 26, 2014, by

Anxiety Yocheved* came to me last year complaining of sleeping issues along with restlessness while awake. She was having problems socially and was often irritable. After ruling out sleep apnea as a potential cause (overweight people are prone to that), I sent her for psychiatric evaluation. The diagnosis was Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Generalized anxiety disorder

Ask Aviva: Modest and Melting

June 25, 2014, by

Dear Aviva, Summer is a real struggle for me. I hate the heat, and I can’t stand putting on all of my layers when I just want to be in a short sleeve shirt and shorts. This morning, when I was getting dressed and searching for a clean shell, my cleaning lady asked me why

Rebbeim; All of You

June 23, 2014, by

The following is based on a speech I delivered to the middle-school students of Yeshiva Darchei Noam of Monsey, where I serve as Dean, at a general studies award ceremony. On the occasion of this general studies awards ceremony, I would like to share some thoughts with you about why it is so important that

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