A Jew for All Jews: My Friend, Donald Butler

May 2, 2013, by

We live in fraught times; times of anger and fear; times of polarization.  We see this in the politics of our nation and in the discourse by people of faith.   In so many aspects of life, people seem to sullenly retreat into those beliefs, feelings or opinions to which they subscribe, without regard for the

Shoshie Stern

April 24, 2013, by

Why does it take the death of a 12-year-old girl to bring us all together? Surely there are events, programs, commemorations, or speakers for which we can gather even more people with a sense of unity and cohesiveness.

The Conversion

Shavuot is the ultimate holiday of transformation, exemplified by Ruth, who radically transformed herself from a Moabite to a Jew. Get a glimpse into one couple’s transformation from assimilation and intermarriage to becoming an Orthodox Jewish family.