Ask Aviva: Bummed in Burglarville

December 18, 2014, by

Dear Aviva, I am almost convinced that the woman I hire to clean my house is stealing from me. Nothing major—small things like my Tide pods or tissue boxes. I am not sure if I want to actually find out if it’s true because I wouldn’t know what to do if it is. First, it

The Bashert Test

December 18, 2014, by

One of the greatest challenges in life is finding the balance between bitachon and histadlus—recognizing that HASHEM runs the world, yet actively doing our part. If this is difficult in many situations, it is much more so when it comes to choosing a spouse. The question is: what is the correct approach when dating? The

Seeing with 20/20 Vision – the Essence of Chanuka

December 17, 2014, by

This article originally appeared on A husband and wife are getting ready to go to sleep. The wife is ready to close her eyes and her husband stands staring at himself in the full-length mirror. “What’s the matter with you?” she says. Come to sleep already.” He turns to her and says, “Look at this,

The Wisdom of the Dreidle Comfort in an Impossible World

December 15, 2014, by

Can a simple top, a delightful toy for children, really speak to me in the aftermath of tragedy? In the aftermath of a Har Nof? Although some might suggest otherwise, questioning how a mere toy, could possibly carry the weight of such an event, I believe that the dreidel in fact can afford insight into

70 Days for 70 Years

December 11, 2014, by

70 years ago, six million of our people were murdered in the darkest period of our history. In the world, there is a time for everything under the sun: a time to be silent and a time to speak, a time to refrain and a time to learn, a time to remember and a time

Alan Gross Released by Cuba Following Five Year Imprisonment

December 11, 2014, by

UPDATE: Alan Gross has been released by Cuba and is currently on his way to the US. Read below about last week’s efforts by synagogues across the country to pray for Gross’s release. The roots of the mitzvah of pidyon sh’vuyim, redemption of the imprisoned, can be found in this week’s Torah portion, Vayeshev. The

Ask Aviva: Dragging to the Doctor

December 11, 2014, by

Dear Aviva, I am a woman in my mid-30s and I take proper care of myself: regular check-ups, flu shot, dentist appointments every 6 months, etc… My husband of 15 years, however, is the exact opposite. I feel like I am fighting a child every time I gently remind him it’s time for a flu

What Real Bitachon Feels Like

December 10, 2014, by

Imagine a five-year-old, walking with her mother into the hospital for her second chemotherapy treatment. The little girl knows what’s coming. She remembers the pain. She understands the nausea. She knows what it’s like to brush her hair and watch clumps come out. Yet, she holds her mother’s hand, and goes along, because “Mommy said

Yeshiva Student Stabbed At Chabad Headquarters

December 9, 2014, by

Police shot and killed a man who stabbed a 22-year-old Israeli student early this morning at Chabad World Headquarters in Brooklyn. Please recite tehillim for Levi Yitzchak ben Raizel. The Daily News has the latest on the attack.

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