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April 16, 2015, by

I used to be great at remembering numbers. Numbers of old childhood friends are still implanted in my head, stored in the random, useless trivia section of my brain. My friend says we don’t need to remember them anymore. “Our phones store them for us, freeing up space for other things.” But we forget what

A Mayoral Mechira

April 16, 2015, by

Brent Eisen and Michael Hancock met in an unusual way—both suffered injuries playing on the same football team the summer before they started high school. Their coach made them both team managers for the rest of the season so that they could participate from the sidelines. That summer they developed a close relationship that was

Small City Takes the Big Prize: Meet Fair Lawn, NJ

April 15, 2015, by

Fair Lawn, New Jersey— whose Jewish community will be featured participants in the upcoming OU Jewish Communities Fair on Sunday, April 26 in Manhattan—has recently been named the top small city in the Garden State in 2015 by travel website CityDescribed.com. According to the website, Fair Lawn offers a wide range of components to be

Why Does God Test Us?

April 14, 2015, by

This article originally appeared on Torahmusings.com. The notion that the all-knowing God needs to test us to determine whether we will follow His command is absurd. He knows the future and therefore gains nothing from the exercise. Yet the Torah discusses in multiple places God’s tests. For example, regarding the man (manna) that fell in

Why I Teach

April 1, 2015, by

Rabbi Elie Weismann, Rabbi of the Young Israel of Plainview, speaks about the values of education and educators. By watching, teachers and parents can help think through their roles as conduits of mesorah in the context of the Pesach Seder. R3CA videos are a new format for teaching Torah and discussing important issues in the

Ask Aviva: No Mojo

April 1, 2015, by

Dear Aviva, I am a fashion designer who is more of a seamstress. I just don’t know how to be ambitious. I look at all these other designers who seem so cool and put their work out there and I sit and think—wouldn’t that be nice? Then I go watch a show or chat on

Finding Greener Davening, in Georgia

March 31, 2015, by

Those considering leaving the concrete jungles of the Greater New York area for greener pastures will certainly have options for observant Jewish communities at this year’s OU Jewish Communities Fair coming up on Sunday, April 26. Atlanta offers a different style of greener pasture. A greener davening, if you will. Within the Torah observant community

Being a Present Parent While Falling Apart

March 24, 2015, by

I expected a lot difficult things in advance of getting divorced at age 28, as the mother of two small children. I expected my 5-year-old would have an adjustment period acclimating to life in two separate households, and I predicted lonely nights and holidays when my children were with their father, awkward looks from people

Blog Kasher V’Sameach

March 23, 2015, by

We’ve reached out to three popular bloggers to share some easy, delicious, kosher for Passover recipes. Please note the following is a collection of meat, dairy and pareve recipes and in observance with Jewish dietary laws the meat and dairy should not be eaten together. Enjoy! Kosher in the Kitch By Nina Safar Cheesecake Brownies  (Dairy)

Helping Children After a Fire

March 23, 2015, by

A fire is a particularly traumatic event as it is both dramatic and fast. While most children will bounce back and show no reactions, some children may feel vulnerable and experience some anxiety or symptoms. The aftermath of such an event may include fear, nightmares, anxiety, and difficulty being alone. Remember that exposure does not

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