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The Metabolic Boost

August 12, 2015, by

I’m sure that you’ve probably been to a simcha and stood at the reception with your mouth wide open in amazement and watched as someone as skinny as a beanpole downs three pieces of cake. You say to yourself, “If I did that, my clothes wouldn’t fit anymore.” What’s the difference between that person and

Planned (Frum) Parenting

August 11, 2015, by

I do not think that I am a great parent; I do not know if I am even a good one. Nonetheless, even those of us whose accomplishments are mediocre or worse learn from experience and can thus ascend the soap box once in a while to share advice with others (or to rant, based

Why Are Young People Leaving Religion?

August 10, 2015, by

You Lost Me is the title of a recent and provocative book by David Kinnaman, a devout Christian and a sociologist. Through extensive surveys he sought to answer the question that makes up his subtitle:Why Young Christians are Leaving Church and Rethinking Faith. It was a fascinating read for me as an orthodox Jew because

Will He Run? Starbucks CEO Finds Inspiration in Rabbi Nosson Tzvi Finkel

August 10, 2015, by

In this remarkable op-ed from the New York Times, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz isn’t giving a definitive answer whether he’ll enter the 2016 presidential campaign. However, he does posit this remarkable piece of wisdom from Rabbi Nosson Tzvi Finkel z’tl of the Mir Yeshiva who died in 2011. The two visited the Old City and

A Torah Perspective on Lion Hunting

August 9, 2015, by

The recent killing of an African lion (”Cecil”) in Zimbabwe by American dentist Walter Palmer is despicable on so many levels. Dr. Palmer lured the lion outside of its legally protective habitat, shot it with a crossbow, and then stalked the maimed and pained lion for 40 hours, until finally gunning it down, skinning and

Extraordinary People Posing as Ordinary, All Around Us

August 9, 2015, by

A few years ago, I was leaving Shul after davening Shacharis one morning when an older gentleman in our community stopped me and asked if I had a minute to talk. The truth was, I was running late and barely had time to say hello let alone entertain an entire conversation.  But, he seemed so

Unearthing Gath, City of Goliath

August 9, 2015, by

Archeologists at Bar Ilan University made a startling discovery last week: remnants of the ancient city of Gath, the city of Goliath. Led by Professor Aren Maeir of the Martin (Szusz) Department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology at the University, the excavations of the ancient city of Gath were conducted in the Tel

Love Even in War

August 7, 2015, by

After last year’s War in Gaza, I was speaking to a soldier in the Israel Defense Force (IDF) who served in the elite Golani Battalion. I asked the soldier if he was scared; and if he was, how did he deal with his fear. The soldier replied that he was scared during the war. He

Ask Aviva: Hating the Green-Eyed Monster

August 6, 2015, by

Dear Aviva, I have a wonderful dear friend who is amazing in all ways except for just one. But that one is a biggie, as it is one of the Ten Commandments! My friend is a coveter. She covets the things in my home, my car, my style—you name it! At times I find it

Speaking Out Against the Iran Deal: Nathan Diament on Fox News

August 6, 2015, by

This week, OU Advocacy Executive Director Nathan Diament and other Jewish leaders met with President Barack Obama to discuss their concerns about the Iran Deal. Diament told Fox News that they had a “spirited and intense exchange” with the President about the Iran Deal. “If nothing else, the President cannot deny that this deal gives

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