A Night of Jewish Unity And Record-Breaking Challah

October 27, 2015, by

On the night of October 21, Brooklyn’s Grand Prospect Hall came face to face with a phenomenon it had never seen before: Yid-lock. 2,200 Jewish women from all walks of life streamed into the building for Project Inspire’s Great Big Challah Bake, causing a one-hour bottleneck in the lobby. “Our goal was to create an

Hachnasat Orchim: To Sit at Henny Machlis’ Table

October 21, 2015, by

When we first learn that “Noach was righteous in his generation…” we applaud his stature until the rabbis, on deeper reflection, note that “in his generation” suggests that the bar was fairly low for righteousness when he lived. Abraham, however, is said to have been “righteous” without any qualification. He was truly righteous, in any

Midwest NCSY Welcomes a New Sefer Torah to the Jewish People

October 19, 2015, by

NCSY Turns an unfortunate event into a unforgettable learning opportunity When Midwest NCSY found itself with a posul, unusable, Sefer Torah at its annual winter Shabbaton, they turned an unfortunate situation in to an unforgettable learning opportunity: the chance to welcome a new Sefer Torah to the Jewish people—a Sefer Torah that was partially written

We May Be in the West, But Our Hearts Are in the East

October 18, 2015, by

Almost every time I interact with individuals who have close family living far away who are going through a difficult time, they say something along the lines of, “It is so hard to know they are suffering and to be so far away. I think about them all day and only wish I could be

Bethia Gindi

October 18, 2015, by

Bethia Gindi is a junior at YULA High School in Los Angeles, and a member of Team Yachad who ran at the Miami ING Half-Marathon last weekend.  She sent a personal reflection on the race to Yachad: I feel I have done many amazing things in my life. I have been to Africa and I have seen the sun rise over the Sahara. I

Some Personal Reflections on Sukkot in Yerushalayim

October 15, 2015, by

There is nothing as incomparably, magnificently festive as Yerushalayim just prior to, and during Sukkot. The city is illuminated by the incandescent sunshine of the pre-rainy season. Everywhere one looks, sukkot in infinitely varied sizes and styles dominate the streetscape. The markets are filled with yom tov shoppers, pushing and shoving in the finest Israeli

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