Thousands Gather for Victims of Tel Aviv Shooting

January 4, 2016, by

From The Jerusalem Post: Some 2,000 friends, acquaintances and family members attended the funeral of Alon Bakal in the northern town of Karmiel on Sunday, following his murder in an attack on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv on Friday afternoon. Bakal, 26, was shot outside the Simta bar which he helped manage, as was Shimon

Jedis in Halacha

January 4, 2016, by

I. Jedis as Warriors As a child growing up with the original Star Wars movies, I developed an impression of Jedis as space-monks, serene individuals immersed in wisdom and trained in self-defense. While disciplined warriors, they were ideologically opposed to violence except as a last resort. However, the later prequel movies developed the Jedi perspective


January 4, 2016, by

NCSY, the Orthodox Union’s international youth movement, was recently featured on Chicago’s WGN Television network. Watch the clip below.

What NCSY Means to Me

December 31, 2015, by

My name is Britain Pilott and I am from Burlington, Kentucky. At the age of five, my father passed away suddenly and the deaths of both my grandparents shortly followed. I never had the opportunity to have a bat mitzvah and until seven months ago, I had never attended a Passover Seder or sat in

Bringing Heaven Down to Earth: Yarchei Kallah 2015

December 30, 2015, by

On NCSY’s Yarchei Kallah program, hundreds of public school teenagers give up their winter break to learn Torah. Teens frequently call the experience life-changing. We thought we’d take this opportunity to give you a glimpse of the program.

Spread the Word to End the Word

December 30, 2015, by

Some of you may have heard of this campaign, but I doubt it really means that much to you. Spread the Word to End the Word is the movement to stop the use of the word “retarded.” Obviously, we don’t mean the scientific use of the word, but the negative connotation that the word has

Make Real Resolutions, Not Just Wishes

December 30, 2015, by

Leo Tolstoy, the famous Russian writer, once said, “Everybody wants to change this world; nobody wants to change themselves.” I disagree. I think we do want to change. We want to become the people we were meant to be, the people we are capable of being. Many of us just don’t know how. Every year,

What It Means to Be Israeli

December 24, 2015, by

You wanted a certain kind of life so you moved to another part of the world. This is the life you chose. Before you moved here, it was impossible to understand what that meant. It was impossible to understand how you would be tested. Perhaps you felt your choice was a personal choice; perhaps a

Failing to Prepare is Preparing Your Family to Fail

December 23, 2015, by

Death is a highly uncomfortable and awkward subject. As a result, most people do all they can to avoid the subject altogether. While we would prefer to see ourselves as living forever, the Torah instructs us that, in fact, reflecting on our mortality and being mindful of our transience are critical to living an inspired

New is Not Necessarily Better

December 22, 2015, by

Change is inevitable. Attitudes and social norms are constantly changing, as are career opportunities and artistic tastes. Perhaps the most perceptible arena of constant change is in the evolution of technology. Through the millennia, enormous advancements in science have revolutionized fields ranging from medicine to warfare, and innovative technological discoveries have dramatically altered normative modes

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