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Why Teachers Deserve Their Summers Off

June 16, 2015, by

The school year is practically done. Have you thanked your child’s teacher for the dedication they put into the past ten months of educating your child? If more often than not when you see a teacher you think, “Well at least in your job you get your summers off” –blogger Laura Goodman, a recently retired

Howard Stern’s Daughter is Orthodox

June 12, 2015, by

Jew in the City has the full story: Like most people on planet earth, I’ve known who Howard Stern is for years, though, I’ve never really listened to his show or watched more than an occasional clip of “America’s Got Talent.” Then my friend Mayim Bialik was interviewed on his radio show last year and,

TripAdvisor CEO’s Favorite Place? Jerusalem.

June 12, 2015, by

When Stephen Kaufer, the CEO of TripAdvisor, an $11 billion company that runs America’s leading user-generated hotel review website, thinks back to all the places he has visited, one stands out as his favorite. Jerusalem. “Oh my gosh, looking at all of these amazing structures, the history that you could still visually appreciate from thousands of

LeBron James Taught Me About Marriage

June 11, 2015, by

I grew up with three sisters, so sports to us was sprinting to the mall for the latest sale, racing out of the kitchen before my mother could catch us for dish washing duty and the slam dunk—who got to the bathroom first in the morning? When I started dating my husband I knew he

Ask Aviva: No Thanks to Therapy

June 11, 2015, by

Dear Aviva, I am writing to you because some people told me that I need to go to therapy, but I am not so sure. I have had some pretty bad things happen to me early on in life and they were never addressed in therapy. I don’t think they need to be; I am

Why I Don’t Erase My Voicemail Anymore

June 11, 2015, by

“Happy Anniversary to you….” My grandmother Rose’s Brooklyn-tinged singing voice is just slightly off-key. Even though she passed away four years ago, she still sings for our anniversary each year — because I saved the voicemail of the last time she sang it. When she was still alive, I hardly bothered to listen to her

The Jewish Week: Help for Parents with Day School Tuition

June 10, 2015, by

New York’s The Jewish Week editorialized this week in support of the Parental Choice in Education Act, also known as the Education Tax Credit. The Orthodox Union, together with several other Jewish and non-Jewish organizations, has pushed heavily for this legislation, which will significantly ease the burden for parents in New York whose children attend private

Jews and Coffee: a Love Story

June 8, 2015, by

Who doesn’t love their coffee in the morning? While Jews may not have been the ones to discover the caffeinated effects of the beverage, they did have a hand in popularizing the drink throughout Europe and the United States. A Jew opened the first coffee house in Italy and in 1650 “Jacob the Jew” opened

Sephardi, Ashkenazi… Romaniote?

June 5, 2015, by

Ashkenazi Jews. Sephardi Jews. Ever heard about Romaniote Jews? Marjorie Ingall of Tablet Magazine visited Kehila Kedosha Janina, a small synagogue on the Lower East Side that is the only Romaniote synagogue in the Western Hemisphere. Romaniote Jews, according to their oral tradition, “descend from Jews who were put on a slave ship to Rome

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