Having Fun Raising Funds for Team Yachad

December 31, 2014, by

Pinny Kwestel baked 4,000 mini chocolate and cinnamon bobkas (each about the size of a mini-muffin) after more than 14 hours in the kitchen on multiple weekends. Not bad for a 16 year old high school student. Pinny had first learned to bake while in middle school, selling his homemade baked goods. High school brought

Are You a Destinationist or a Traveler?

December 31, 2014, by

This article originally appeared on Writing on Hevria, Elad Nehoral discusses evolving as a person and as an Orthodox Jew. I suggest reading the description of his process in his own words. To me, it sounds like Elad was uncomfortable confining his religious experience to the Chabad worldview, and has started the process of

Rabbi Zvi Engel: The Voice of Father

December 26, 2014, by

An inspiring message as we think about the life of Moses and the Book of Exodus. R3CA videos are a new format for teaching Torah and discussing important issues in the Jewish community. On June 30, 2014, at the annual Rabbinical Council of America Conference, 10 rabbis gave high quality TED-like presentations and were professionally

United States Holocaust Museum Is In a Race Against Time

December 25, 2014, by

“Our generation has one moment in time to safeguard truth,” emphasized Sara Bloomfield, director of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C in a video of the Museum’s initiative to rescue the evidence of the Holocaust. As anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial rise around the world, including in the lands where the Holocaust occurred,

Admitting “I Don’t Know”

December 24, 2014, by

This post originally appeared at Do you think normalizing relations with Cuba is a good idea or a poor one? Will it support and help the people of Cuba while strengthening America’s interests? Or does negotiating embolden a dictator and endanger the lives of Americans abroad? What is your position on the lack of

Ask Aviva: Pining for Piercing

December 24, 2014, by

Dear Aviva I am an orthodox married woman who likes to think outside the box, but still within halachic confines of Orthodoxy. My creative and artistic side is yearning to get a nose ring, but my serious and self-conscious side is telling me to stop that nonsense! If it is not halachically wrong (which it

The Miracle Mikveh

December 23, 2014, by

At 16 Whalepond Road, right next door to Sha’are Tefilah (the Eatontown Shul), is where you’ll find the brand new Jherin Esther Gorcey Mikveh. The story of its construction is one of heartfelt prayers, bitter tears, and incredible miracles. As this “miracle mikveh” now reaches its final stages of completion, it behooves us to hear

Things Never Said

December 23, 2014, by

A young boy runs his fingers over the leather spine of the story book he receives as a Hanukkah gift. He loves the feel of the beautiful lettering playing beneath his fingers. He is entranced by the beautiful illustrations accompanying the stories. He gives no thought to the extra hours his father worked in order

Too Smart to Get Married

December 23, 2014, by

I got a call from a fellow who said, “Rebbe, you have to help me.” “Sure, sure. What’s up?” I replied. “Well, I was set up with this girl, and I think that I’m going to fall for her.” “That’s great. So what’s the problem?” “What’s the problem? That’s the problem. She’s not what I’m

The Jewish N Word

December 18, 2014, by

Language is a funny thing. Words that were once acceptable take on new shades of meaning and are replaced with new terms. These intended euphemisms may in turn acquire their own negative connotations and they will then be replaced with still newer terms. An inoffensive example: what was once called a boneyard became a graveyard.

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