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OU Jewish Communities Fair Snapshot: Brighton, MA

April 4, 2017, by

Boston is not only incredibly hospitable to college students from all walks of life, but home to a diverse, connected and welcoming Jewish community. The main Jewish neighborhoods—Brighton, Brookline, and Newton, as well as some surrounding neighborhoods like Allston—are all within relative walking distance, and the community’s expansive eruv means you can walk for miles

OU Jewish Communities Fair Snapshot: Harrisburg, PA

April 4, 2017, by

Hershey’s chocolate is not the only kosher food available to residents of Harrisburg, PA. The city’s Jewish community, a 15-minute drive from Hershey, PA, is well-established and has many resources, including plenty of kosher food, in place for its residents. Learn about Harrisburg at the OU Jewish Communities Fair on April 30 Congregation Kesher Israel,

How the Soviets Tried to Eliminate Passover

April 4, 2017, by

One of the most unusual episodes in the long history of anti-Semitic persecution is the Soviet anti-Jewish campaign of the 1920s. Utilizing formerly Jewish converts to the new secular messianism known as Communism, under the leadership of a former Rabbi, Shimon Dimanshteyn, the Soviets embarked on a bizarre yet creative program of anti-Jewish propaganda. Read

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