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A Prayer for the Days of Awe

September 19, 2017, by

Master of the Universe, let us make up. It is time. How long can we go on being angry? More than 50 years have passed since the nightmare was lifted. Many things, good and less good, have since happened to those who survived it. They learned to build on ruins. Family life was re-created. Children

The Smartphone’s Impact is Nothing New

September 18, 2017, by

Upon the release of the latest iteration of the iPhone, the New York Times shared what they called “a (slightly) tongue-in-cheek look at all the things this ubiquitous gadget has laid to waste.” Forgive me for sounding like a company man but I don’t see the downside in losing the things we have allegedly lost.

Confessions of an iPhone Addict

September 18, 2017, by

I remember buying my first smartphone. I was at a point in my life where aside from calling my friends and family, there was no need to be constantly available by email, facebook, text, and phone. But there was something appealing about the idea of having the internet at my fingertips and I splurged. A

Reflections Before Rosh HaShanah

September 18, 2017, by

Personal Post-Storm Rosh Hashanah Reflections The recent storms in Houston and the Southeast have dominated our thoughts, emotions and efforts.  They have also introduced new and renewed relationships for me and my colleagues at the Orthodox Union. We have received an extraordinary number of calls and emails, sharing information and sharing feelings.  In this spirit,

Spiritual Safe Space

September 15, 2017, by

The term “safe space” on university campuses generally refers to an autonomous place created for students who feel marginalized by society. Students who feel alienated gather together to communicate regarding their experiences and feelings of being excluded. While a safe space asylum may be equipped with cookies, coloring books, bubbles, Play-Doh, calming music, pillows, blankets,

Panic Before a Hurricane… but Not For Rosh Hashanah?

September 14, 2017, by

Hurricane Irma. For days, it was all anyone could talk about. A huge hurricane, the strongest the Atlantic had seen in recorded history, induced fascination and hysteria across the United States.  On the very first day that it was mentioned that there was a possibility the storm might hit us, yellow plastic bags that read

Ten Things I Wish I Said Sooner

September 13, 2017, by

This story appears on The Layers Project website. Please see the link below to read the whole story. I will start with this: I am 31 and I just got married. The last 10 years of my life have been wonderful, meaningful, exciting, and… hard.  In a community centered around family and children, it is

Things the iPhone Helped Destroy

September 13, 2017, by

Since it was introduced 10 years ago, the iPhone has been a great disruptor, heralding an end to everything from paper maps to small talk. Here’s a (slightly) tongue-in-cheek look at all the things this ubiquitous gadget has laid to waste. Watch full story here

Do We Resist Philo-Semitism?

September 11, 2017, by

We hear a lot about anti-Semitism. Unfortunately, not a day goes by without something horrible going by in our newsfeeds, whether it be anti-Semitic attacks, acts of vandalism, hate speech or the exclusion of Jews from so-called “safe spaces.” Equally unfortunately, we rarely hear about anti-Semitism’s philosophical opposite, philo-Semitism. And when we do, we’re not

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