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Standing up Tall!

April 23, 2015, by

Batsheva , a 55-year-old, came to my weight-loss program several years ago and was a consistent exerciser who also did a lot of extra walking each day aside from her formal program. Gershon, a 38-year-old came to me for lower back pain problems and treatment. Two different people who came see me for two distinct problems, but there

Back from the Bakery…No Sugar?

April 16, 2015, by

It’s Friday—time to stop at the bakery for a few things. Other than stocking up on some whole grain rolls and pitas, I look around for something to bring home as an extra dessert for the company we are having this Shabbat. I see an entire section of “no-sugar” products, but I also see shelf

Exercise for Simcha!

March 24, 2015, by

It seems ironic that while preparing for Yom Tov, when we are specifically commanded to be happy, we are in a constant state of stress and anxiety. Did I get everything needed while shopping? Did I remember to clean and look everywhere for chametz? Did I bake and order enough matzah? Is everything ready and

Exercise is Medicine! (Part III)

March 19, 2015, by

Last column focused on the benefits of exercise vis-à-vis high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cancer. This third and final segment of our Exercise is Medicine series will discuss Metabolic Syndrome, lower back pain and osteoporosis. Metabolic Syndrome Exercising is very helpful in weight reduction and in preventing weight gain. It is also beneficial in

Exercise is Medicine: Part II

March 4, 2015, by

My last column examined the role that exercise can play in reducing and possibly eliminating the need for statins and blood pressure medication. We also discussed the positive effects of exercise for diabetics. This week, we will discuss the benefits of exercise vis-à-vis high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cancer. High Blood Pressure High blood pressure, or hypertension,

Is that L’Chaim Worthwhile?

February 25, 2015, by

Isn’t it a wonderful custom that we have? We take a small shot of whisky, say “L’Chaim” and swig it down. According to Rabbi Shraga Simmons of Aish HaTorah, the custom of saying “L’Chaim” when drinking wine is first mentioned in “Machzor Vitri” 80, s.v. “Shnayim.”  At one time, they used to give wine to the condemned

Exercise is Medicine!

January 29, 2015, by

The American College of Sports Medicine launched the initiative Exercise is Medicine, calling for physical activity and exercise to be standard parts of disease prevention and medical treatment. The initiative urges healthcare providers to assess and review patients’ physical activity programs at every visit, with office visits that conclude exercise clearance and a prescription or referral to a qualified

That Winter Weight Gain

January 21, 2015, by

It’s winter! It’s cold and dark and your body just can’t seem to get warm. Aside from that, due to the cold and inclement weather, you are outside much less than the rest of the year. You feel warmer when you eat and since you’re stuck inside, you eat to keep yourself occupied. And even when you are

Food for Thought

January 14, 2015, by

A recent study caught my attention. The study evaluated how people in the United States are doing in regard to making improvements in their dietary habits. And improvements there are, however we still have a ways to go. Scientists looked at data over an 11-year period starting in 1999. They evaluated the quality of the American diet. I

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