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Keeping Up With the Times

June 9, 2016, by

Do you remember the original food pyramid? The bottom of the pyramid reflected what we should eat the most and the top was what we should eat sparingly. Do you remember the specific instructions that if we just cut the fats in our diet, we will cure cardiovascular disease? Well, it’s time for some deprogramming.

The Hidden Tricks to Lose Weight

May 26, 2016, by

I hope the title of his article doesn’t have you thinking that I have found some great shortcut to weight loss. There isn’t one. We still don’t have a proven and safe medication, nor do we even have a surgical procedure that we are absolutely sure is safe or even effective in the long-term. As much

Here We Go Again

May 18, 2016, by

Pesach may be over, but it is still the ideal time to shed whatever avdut (enslavement) we may still have and redeem ourselves by focusing on what steps we can take right now to improve our health and well-being. What have we hopefully left behind? Overeating and inactivity. Although the incentive might be there to start taking better

From a Position of Strength

May 11, 2016, by

Most people seem to focus in on his or her weaknesses and negative behaviors. It’s almost natural. Even traditional (and perhaps outdated) psychology is centered on what’s wrong and then how to correct it. What if we took a different approach and tried to find a person’s strengths, no matter how many negatives there might be?

Why I Chose This

May 4, 2016, by

As a certified personal trainer, I am required to renew my certification every two years. In order to do that, I must do a certain number of hours of course work in continuing education on related topics in my field. In the past I have done work in weight training, nutrition, wellness coaching and some

One Solution for 35 Problems

April 19, 2016, by

I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. I open the top drawer of my desk and I point as the client looks on. I tell the person that I wish I had a magic wand that I could take out to cure their health issues, especially the overweight and obesity. I also tell

Just When the Going Gets Tough

April 5, 2016, by

We are in the thick of it now. It’s that time of year when the seasonal stressors can take their toll if we allow them to. Cleaning, kashering, cooking, Seder preparations, chol hamoed plans, guests, sleeping arrangements—and only 30 days after Purim to have it all done. All of this, while still working and learning. Let’s throw

Keep It Off This Time!

March 31, 2016, by

We’ve all been there—you lose weight on some weight loss plan or program, you feel great and you are rightfully proud of your accomplishment. After all, you probably had to work hard and you might have even felt deprived while going through the process. But now you look and feel great! Your doctor is thrilled

The Power of Protein

March 9, 2016, by

What did you eat for breakfast today? Some cereal with a little milk and some fruit, like raisins or bananas? How was your lunch today? Pasta with sauce? Perhaps rice? I’m sure supper was protein heavy with some meat, chicken or fish main dish. Maybe we have it all wrong! Protein is one of the

Staying Fit While Traveling

March 2, 2016, by

As I write this article, I am a few days away from a trans-Atlantic flight. I will be spending four days in New York City and four days in Maryland. Flying over long distances and being out of your daily routine in general can be very problematic. My personal training client Moshe maintains business in

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