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The Power of Protein

March 9, 2016, by

What did you eat for breakfast today? Some cereal with a little milk and some fruit, like raisins or bananas? How was your lunch today? Pasta with sauce? Perhaps rice? I’m sure supper was protein heavy with some meat, chicken or fish main dish. Maybe we have it all wrong! Protein is one of the

Staying Fit While Traveling

March 2, 2016, by

As I write this article, I am a few days away from a trans-Atlantic flight. I will be spending four days in New York City and four days in Maryland. Flying over long distances and being out of your daily routine in general can be very problematic. My personal training client Moshe maintains business in

Are You Tracking?

February 18, 2016, by

There is never a shortage of fitness “crazes.” Every year, there is some exercise more “in” than the year before. The same is certainly true of diets. In our pursuit of the quick fix, we go out and buy the latest diet book because we figure this time is will really “work.” Many times, it’s

Breakthrough Cancer Cure Has Deep Israeli Roots

February 17, 2016, by

From The Times of Israel: A breakthrough cancer study in which patients suffering from a form of leukemia saw their diseases go into remission after they were treated with genetically modified T-cells has deep roots in Israel. One of the first in the world to work on the innovative adaptive immunotherapy technique to treat cancer,

Immunization: The Best Weapon Against the Resurgent Threat of Whooping Cough

February 17, 2016, by

Many Americans, in the Jewish and other communities, are skeptical of medical scientific recommendations, particularly when they involve mandates. The reasons are complex but include a concern about profit motives creating bias, scientific fraud, a sense that “natural” interventions are better and a skepticism about science especially when it contradicts religious belief. While all these

Convenient and Deadly

February 10, 2016, by

Let’s turn back the clock about 35-40 years ago. How many of you then were eating out in fast food establishments?  And how many Glatt Kosher fast food places were there? In 1970 in the United States, the collective population spent about six billion dollars on fast food. The most recent statistic now has that

Frustrated with Weight Loss

January 27, 2016, by

Naomi, age 42, was in week 3 of my weight loss program. At first, she dropped weight at about a pound a week, but this week, there was no change. All that work she did and no result. She looked like she was going to quit on the spot! What happened? She was almost 90

The Things I Can Change

January 21, 2016, by

When it comes to health and fitness, there is a lot that we can control. But there are also things that we can’t control. Unfortunately, many people think that they can’t control some of the things we very much can control. We can’t control the fact that we age daily and we might have genes

Make Changes, One At a Time

January 14, 2016, by

Tovi is a 36-year-old mother of six came to me with two main problems: She was 22 kilo (approximately 48 lbs.) overweight and she had just been told by her doctor that she was pre-diabetic. Tovi had a full time job as a systems analyst in addition to her family responsibilities. She knew that she

Can Food and Exercise Affect your Mood?

January 7, 2016, by

We are all human. And that means as much as we try, from time to time, might get in a bad mood. Many things affect our mood. Environment, lack of sleep, hormones, and stress are among the more common factors. But two things that most definitely affect your mood are food and exercise. You might

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