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The Elephant Made Me Do It

November 13, 2017, by

We all want to change our bad habits into good and productive behaviors.  Whether we are dealing with habits that affect our health, fitness, weight loss, or other poor habits, all of us want to reduce negatives and increase positives.  But if you’ve attempted to change long-ingrained habits before, you know how utterly impossible it

Turning It Around

November 8, 2017, by

It’s over and behind us.  It started with preparations for Rosh Hashanah and after three 3-day eating marathons and a festive Chol HaMoed, our Succahs may be down, but the scale is up.  Besides that, we’ve been very sedentary over the Yomim Tovim and the food we have eaten hasn’t been the healthiest.  Year after

A New Routine—It’s After the Chagim!

October 31, 2017, by

The 23 day period from Rosh HaShanah until Simchas Torah is now behind us.  It is a time period that interrupts routine and it is difficult to take care of your health during the Yom Tov season.  Although incentive exists to start taking better care of our health and to lose weight (your clothes may

A New Year with the Same Problems

October 17, 2017, by

It’s the New Year of 5778 Habah Aleinu L’Tovah. We have just finished a very hectic three weeks where a lot of eating and sedentary life style have been the rule.  This was very challenging and difficult to navigate when it came to managing our health.  But while we look forward to the coming year,

Using Exercise to Manage Stress

August 24, 2017, by

We all have stress.  It’s a fact of life.  And it’s a good thing that we all have some stress.  Imagine a world with no stress at all.  When our kids cry, we might not respond.  When a term paper is due in to your teacher, you might not get it done in time.  And

Fat is NOT the Enemy

June 12, 2017, by

Every few years, we hear about changes in the dietary guidelines that the government issues as far as what we are supposed to eat in order to be healthy, ward off disease and stay close to a normal weight.  If one goes back to the original food pyramid and compares it to what they call

It’s Time to Confront Mental Health in the Orthodox Community

June 7, 2017, by

It’s time to bring the conversation about mental health to the forefront in our community. It’s time to meet all of the wonderful resources for people in our community whose pain is from something you can’t see, but hurts no less. It’s time for people to learn that they are not the only ones in

Overcoming your Predisposition

June 5, 2017, by

We are all created by Hashem with our unique traits as determined by the genes and DNA the He gives us at birth.   But does having a “bad” gene for weight mean that it is inevitable that you will be overweight or obese despite attempts to lose weight? The perception might be that the

What’s it all about?

May 22, 2017, by

I think that exercise, activity and good eating habits are some of the most important daily habits in our lives.  You already know that.  What you might not know is that it seems that the population at large is finally going to feel the same way.  I can tell you that a few years ago

SO, I Was Just Thinking………. (Part 1)

May 16, 2017, by

I’ve been doing what I do for almost 20 years now.  It was almost 27 years ago that I turned my own life around and said goodbye to overweight and high blood pressure.  I made my success my passion and became a personal fitness trainer, and then subsequently got coaching certifications in lifestyle coaching, wellness

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