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Type 2 Diabetes-Prevention, Management, and Cure: Part II

November 5, 2014, by

In part one of this series on diabetes we discussed different types of the disease, how you get type 2 diabetes and how type 2 diabetes can cause a host of health issues, some of them life-threatening. Symptoms and Diagnosis First and foremost, if you begin to experience any symptoms of diabetes, you should be

Type 2 Diabetes-Prevention, Management, and Cure: Part I

October 29, 2014, by

A longtime client of mine is a personal trainer who enjoys exercise, yet travels a lot and does not have a balanced diet or maintain a regular exercise program. A few years ago he was pre- diabetic. I pleaded with him to switch physicians and to get better educated on type 2 diabetes. It was obvious

Starting Over Again

October 21, 2014, by

The holidays are over! The days of awe are behind us and we have moved out of the sukkah and back into our homes. Our schedules are returning to normal. The kids are back in school and we are back at work. We have completed a period of three weeks of an over-abundance of food

Tips for Your Pre- and Post-Yom Kippur Fast

September 29, 2014, by

When I speak with my clients about fasting, I often hear, “I get so sick when I have to fast” or “I start out fine but I get a terrible headache,” and most common “I am fine during the fast, but after I break the fast, I can’t function for hours and I feel awful.”

Recovery Time

September 23, 2014, by

Exercise is important—it is vital to our health, but we already know that. But just as important is our recovery time in between our exercise sessions. You may have experienced what a lot of my clients have told me—the overzealous ones. They have a great workout session on any given day of the week and

Harnessing your Willpower

September 16, 2014, by

When you want to make a change and improve your healthy habits, it’s relatively easy to access the “how to” information to make those changes. I sit with people day after day who want information about how to start exercising, how to lose weight, how to eat right, how to lower their blood sugar and

Eat Some Fat!

September 11, 2014, by

For the past 40 years, the “public enemy number one” of food has been fat. We spend billions of dollars per year on low-fat foods, fake-fat chips, pills that block the absorption of fat into the digestive system, and all types of special diets and cookbooks. In the past 30 years, we have reduced the

Ain’t That a Shame

September 2, 2014, by

A few weeks ago, Hashem bestowed his abundant blessings on our family— we had four grandchildren within five days—from three of our daughters, one of whom had twins. What a time of Simcha! As one of the twins was a boy, we were hosting the shalom zachor at our home on the 6th floor of

The Quantity and the Quality of Life

August 25, 2014, by

“Long life,” or “Arichus Yomim,” has been used as a bracha (blessing) from one Jew to another for thousands of years. We also say “L’chaim!” — “To Life!” — as a blessing to each other before we take a drink. Two similar blessings, but very different in their ramifications. According to the Harvard School of

A Contagious Disease?

August 21, 2014, by

Usually when we thing of “catching” an illness, we think of the common cold or other viruses (flu) and bacterial based diseases. So if I tell you that overweight and obesity can be contagious, are you surprised? You should be. It’s not that there is something infectious about obesity—there isn’t. However, a growing body of

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