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So, you got there-Now what?

February 20, 2018, by

You set your goal.  You decided you needed to lose 12 kilo.  And you set out to do it.  You were given all the tools to get there; a good food plan, exercise and your determination to succeed.  Week after week you got mostly good results.  It was only when there was extremely cold winter

Why are You Overeating?

February 8, 2018, by

As every life coach or wellness coach knows, the one question you don’t ask your client is “why?”.  We are usually dealing with the how, when, what, and when.  Although I wouldn’t ask my clients “why” they are doing anything, I certainly try to get them to understand why they are undertaking bad habits or

Disordered Eating or Eating Disordered?

January 24, 2018, by

Here’s how things used to be, at least when I was growing up. You woke up in the morning and you ate breakfast before going to school, or when older, ate breakfast after davening. Then you ate lunch in school or during vacation at home and in the evening, there was supper and usually, everyone

The Scale

January 16, 2018, by

Last week, Yitzchak walked into my office with a half-smile on his face. When I asked him how his week went with his eating and exercise, he gave me a very positive report.  I asked him if he thought his weight went down and he replied that based on the way his clothes feel, he’s

Preventing Dementia

January 3, 2018, by

This article is dedicated to the memory of my mother-in-law, Rasha Malca bas Moshe Dovid, who after more than a decade of Dementia, was Nifteres last month.   Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias pose serious health risks. Alzheimer’s is the fifth leading cause of death for Americans over 65.  In the next decades, the number

Fire Safety Revisited

January 3, 2018, by

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the devastating Chanukah fire in Brooklyn. In that piece, I discussed the impossibility of deriving a lesson from such a senseless tragedy. The piece was well-received and widely-distributed but I would like to revisit the topic based on some feedback that I received. One Facebook commenter was upset

Dropping Out?

December 28, 2017, by

The vast majority of clients that come in to our 10 Week program complete the program and many move on to a continuing program.  One thing that they can all tell you is that they all gain a lot of knowledge in our program about healthy eating and exercise. Almost all of them can also

A NEAT idea

December 20, 2017, by

You have the best of intentions.  After years of sedentary living, you now realize that exercise is really an essential part of healthy living.  Besides that, your wife has been on your case to start getting in shape and reducing the size of your continually growing stomach.  And every single Motzei Shabbos, you reaffirm that

When Less is More

December 12, 2017, by

As Chanukah is here, my house is quiet.  All of my children are married and out of the house.    I quickly remembered times when we needed a large table for all of the menorahs, how candle-lighting took a long time as each child recited the brachos (blessings) and we sang Haneiros Hallalu and Maoz

Don’t Be Hungry

November 29, 2017, by

The benefits of being a normal and healthy weight are countless.  Of course, going about weight loss the proper way, and not “dieting” is essential to keeping your weight off.  One of the downfalls of dieting is that many fad diets or calorie restrictive diets can leave a person feeling hungry.  Hunger and deprivation are

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