The President and His Rabbi: New Book Shines Light On Friendship Between President Bill Clinton and OU Kosher CEO Rabbi Menachem Genack

December 2, 2013, by

When his Republican opponents accused President Bill Clinton of flip-flopping between political positions he found solace in an unlikely place. It was a dvar Torah sent to him by Rabbi Menachem Genack, the CEO of the Orthodox Union’s Kosher Division and the rabbi of Congregation Shomrei Emunah in Englewood, NJ. In the note, Rabbi Genack laid

Teach Your Children to Give by Example

November 13, 2013, by

Chanukah is right around the corner and who doesn’t love Chanukah? Everyone enjoys the candles glowing in the window, playing dreidel, eating latkes and sufganiyot and lots of family parties. But many parents might dread Chanukah because of the pressure to buy their kids gifts. Oftentimes, parents feel their kids have too much and become

Parshas Emor: Why Do We Count?

April 24, 2013, by

Excerpted from Rabbi Shmuel Goldin’s ‘Unlocking The Torah Text: An In-Depth Journey Into The Weekly Parsha- Vayikra’ Click here to buy the book Context In the midst of the Torah’s discussion concerning the festival cycle, immediately after the commandment concerning the Omer offering (a barley offering in the Temple which marks the beginning of the harvest

The Miser

November 21, 2007, by

There was once a very great miser. He had amassed great wealth in his life. But he did not allow himself to “waste” the money, he was careful not to give out a single penny unless it was absolutely necessary, in order not to decrease his great wealth, which he wanted to increase more and

The Reward for Pain

November 14, 2007, by

A Lesson For the Children – This is a story that took place about two hundred years ago in Poland. “Mushika” made a living from milking cows and processing the milk into various products. Like many other Jews at that time, he would lease his dairy from the local lord, who owned the property, for

Judging by Appearances

October 10, 2007, by

Holy and Secular – “Did you see how studious Yankel is?” one of the students of the yeshiva said to another. “He never goes to sleep before three o’clock in the morning, and then he gets up only two hours later to pray with the earliest minyan. He is in the Beit Midrash almost twenty

Kohelet and Iyov

October 1, 2007, by

Holy and Secular – The plant manager had just finished a very successful meeting. He leaned back in his chair in satisfaction, and looked at the New Year’s card that he had received. “Our best wishes for having been chosen as the Man of the Year – from your colleagues in the manufacturer’s association.” He

Do You Know Where You Are Going?

September 20, 2007, by

“Yankie, I think we are lost”, my wife announced. I had recently mastered the new portable GPS navigational device, and I was excited to use it in Chicago. “Faigie, we’re not lost. A GPS doesn’t get you lost.” “But I don’t recognize this road.” Faigie grew up in Chicago and had a general recollection of

The Power of a Good Word

September 20, 2007, by

Holy and Secular – One of the harshest punishments that can be meted out to a sports team is to force it to play far away from its home field. This means that the team must play without the support of fans watching the game. Not only does the team lose financially, its chance of