Corn Bread

April 2, 2014, by

To celebrate what I hope will be the last little bit of snow this winter, I made a big ole pot of chili.  The only thing I like better than a big bowl of chili is a big bowl of chili with a side of corn bread. Corn bread is simply a quick bread (one


March 27, 2014, by

When I was in cooking school those many many years ago I learned to value the power of the “sauce.” I was taught that there were five “mother” sauces. These five specific sauces were the basis of pretty much any and all sauce covered dishes in French cooking since cooking legend Auguste Escoffier simplified and

Fresh Herbs

March 27, 2014, by

Anytime I talk about spring and planting a garden my friends and family laugh hysterically, roll their eyes and pray for my poor plants whose fate is preordained. They know that no matter what I plant it will die. Guaranteed. I have a black thumb. That does not, of course, prevent me from trying, year

Pre-Pesach Cleaning Recipes

March 12, 2014, by

Right after Purim is the time of year when we make those momentous, wake-up-from-the-dead-of-winter, OMG-4-weeks-to-Pesach cleaning decisions. Truthfully, it’s not always about what to clean but rather what to keep and what to throw away. Nowhere is this dilemma more evident than when confronting the kitchen pantry. Save it, sell it or serve it before


March 5, 2014, by

Jews around the world- prepare to get your celebration mode in gear, it’s time for Purim! Head to your nearest synagogue, crank up your gregers and get ready to drown out the name of Haman while cheering on Esther and Mordechai. As a prerequisite to any and all Purim celebrations (and seudahs), it’s time to


February 28, 2014, by

Salad is a big part of Pesach and I guess you could call me a lettuce peasant.  I like iceberg. I know- all you salad greens snobs are now rolling your eyes and thinking “seriously, this woman has a culinary degree and she likes iceberg lettuce?!” How 1950s. Well let me tell you, growing up

Savory Shallots

February 19, 2014, by

I wrote one simple column on leeks and within 24 hours of it being published, I received four emails asking why I had not written about shallots because they’re more interesting, tasty and fun than leeks. It seems that if you like leeks, you LOVE shallots. So, what exactly is a shallot you ask? A

Not Your Average PB&J

February 19, 2014, by

Admit it- there are times when all you really want to eat is a PB&J sandwich.  I know we all tend to relegate peanut butter and jelly to lunch boxes and the under 12 crowd but seriously, the average American child will eat close to 1,500 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches by the time they

Cooking with Leeks

February 5, 2014, by

While asparagus tends to be one of the most called upon vegetables during Pesach, sometimes the price and availability make them just one more of the tres tres tres expensive items we have to buy for the 8 day food fest of Passover. I say make the switch to leeks and you’ll be pleasantly surprised

Best Pesach Recipe Substitute List

February 5, 2014, by

At some point during Pesach preparations, we’ve all tried to convert a main stream recipe into a Pesach one only to discover that we don’t have a clue as to what to substitute for a chometz ingredient. This panic moment is why I started compiling my COMPLETE LIST OF PESACH SUBSTITUTES. I’ve added some great

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