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Cobb Salad Recipes

September 24, 2015, by

Having a huge salad for lunch or dinner is a good thing. All your nutrition and healthy stuff lumped together in one bowl topped with a nice vinaigrette or creamy ranch is just about (calories aside, of course) the best meal you can make. I am a big fan of the Cobb salad. The original

Hint for a King

September 22, 2015, by

Here in the Old City of Jerusalem and probably in your own neighborhood, classes for the coming holidays are popping up everywhere. As the intensity of Elul is building, the talk of the town is tshuva, repentance. We Jews spend an entire month working on ourselves, fixing bad habits and making amends with those whom

Cranberry Recipes

September 21, 2015, by

For anyone preparing to embark on the cranberry sauce making journey you should know that your basic cranberry sauce recipes contains only three ingredients: cranberries, water and a sugar/sweetener of some kind. The fun begins when you add your own personality to the recipe by tweaking and adding to the one or more of the

Iced Tea Recipes

September 21, 2015, by

Part of my spring “let’s fire up the grill and bring out patio furniture” cleaning ritual is getting the iced tea glasses and pitchers ready for the barbecues and outdoor meals that are on my entertaining horizon. Serving iced tea instead of soda (or pop for those of you with regional linguistic preferences) when the

Jalapeno Popper Recipes

September 21, 2015, by

Jalapeno Popper recipes are sort of self explanatory (and really easy to make) snacks. Simply put, you stuff a hollowed out jalapeno pepper with whatever delicious filling you like, cook it and pop it in your mouth, where your taste buds get a POP of favor. You can eat them fresh; you can grill them,

Recipes with Vinegar

September 21, 2015, by

I’ve come to believe that the oldest cooking ingredient known to man (besides manna) may just be vinegar. According to The Vinegar Institute (yes, there is a vinegar institute: Check it out at versitilevinegar.org), the use of vinegar can be traced back more than 10,000 years. In fact, flavored vinegars have around almost as long


September 18, 2015, by

Tally ho! It’s pie season and the hunt is on for the best and tastiest and most mouthwatering concoctions your brain (and taste buds) can imagine. I just gotta say it’s about having the right mix of a flaky crust, fresh berries or whatever other fruit you just can’t resist and just enough thickening to

Sangria Recipe

I was chef at our synagogue’s fundraiser a couple of weeks ago, and I’m told I came up with a good and inexpensive Kosher sangria. The sangria at our synagogue’s Purim meal, was just OK, with the sangria preparers using standard sangria recipes calling for sugar added to dry wine. For Purim we bought good


September 18, 2015, by

Mangoes truly are a terrific source of vitamins A and C, beta carotene, and fiber. The flavor is sometimes described as a combination of the tanginess of pineapple and the sweetness of peaches. They are considered in season from April to September, but June and July seem to offer the sweetest fruit and the lowest

Recipes with Peas

September 18, 2015, by

The pea is just about the most perfect food to get your really young children interested in finger food that’s good for them while simultaneously being perfect for them to flick at their siblings. Peas are great sources of vitamin A, C, thiamine, foliate, iron, and phosphorus and one pound of peas in a pod

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