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Slice of Life: Hanukkah

December 9, 2015, by

Hanukkah has been in the house for the past week and we’re winding down (dare I say overloaded) on all manner of latkes (kale and kumquat anyone) and stuffed sprinkled and calorie laden sufganiyot. I say it’s time to step out of expected zone for the last nights of menorah madness and try a few

Pass the Latkes!

December 8, 2015, by

My mother a”h used to fry everything. Potatoes, meatballs, chicken, veal—you name it! If it could be batter dipped, even better! Even today, when I smell fried foods my mouth begins to water. As an adult who is somewhat health conscious, I generally do not eat fried foods. Don’t get me wrong: fried foods are

Don’t Miss These Donuts This Chanukah

December 8, 2015, by

Sweet, savory, glazed, cheesy, deep fried. Which adjective would you pick to describe sufganiyot? All of them. Here are some new twists on a Chanukah classic. And since the Festival of Lights has just begun, there is plenty of time to try out these recipes. Let us know what you think! Please note the following

Recipe from Something Sweet

November 25, 2015, by

Enjoy this sample recipe from the newly-released Something Sweet, by Miriam Pascal. Enter to win a copy of the cookbook. Hot Gooey Caramel Pie Dairy or Pareve Yield 2 pies, each 8-10 servings In the years that I’ve been developing and writing recipes, I’ve made a number that have been really popular, some of which

Ten Interesting New OU-Certified Products From Kosherfest 2015

November 12, 2015, by

I meant to save a bit of the brownie for my husband, but I had eaten the whole thing before I realized. Before I had even eaten breakfast. I tried to rationalize it was okay to give in to my chocolate craving because these were made with black beans and cocoa.  Made by Pure Genius—a

The Fancy Food Show

October 20, 2015, by

A look at the Fancy Food Show, a preview of food trends and what we’ll be seeing in our markets this year. With Linda Gassenheimer’s host of “Dinner in Minutes” food column.

Mango Mania

October 20, 2015, by

Sweet, juicy mangoes are in season and celebrity chef Allen Susser gives us tips on savoring these delicious treats.

Wine Talk

October 20, 2015, by

Baroness Philippine de Rothschild from Chateau Mouton Rothschild shares how a great wine is made and talks about the Rothschild kosher wines, plus a French Dinner in Minutes Steak in Red wine.

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