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Rhubarb Season

September 1, 2015, by

The word is out in culinary circles that rhubarb is making a comeback, but as far as I’m concerned it never went out of style. I cook with rhubarb whenever I see it in the stores, starting around late April, when it is easy to find the crisp, red stalks at farmers’ markets and even

Say Cheese-Cake! And Let The Calories Begin

September 1, 2015, by

Everybody has their favorite cheesecake. Cheesecakes are a delicious and popular choice to serve for Shavuot along with cheese kugels and blintzes. You can either buy or bake cheesecakes in a variety of flavors, from plain, marble, strawberry, sugar-free for diabetics, even dairy-free cheesecakes for those who are lactose-intolerant or to serve with a meat

Think Shavuot, Say Cheese

September 1, 2015, by

When we think of Shavuot, we think of cheese, but how did this tradition begin? I asked Gil Marks, whose fascinating cookbook, “Olive Trees and Honey: A Treasury of Vegetarian Recipes from Jewish Communities Around the World” (Wiley Publishing), won the prestigious James Beard award for best vegetarian cookbook. “The use of dairy to celebrate

Shavuot: Simple Recipes for Family and Friends

September 1, 2015, by

Shavuot will soon be here. It’s a happy holiday and one where dairy foods and honey shine. So, why dairy on Shavuot? Many people mentioned that they weren’t sure or didn’t remember. Some reasons given deal with the numerical value of milk corresponding to the number of days Moshe was on top of Mt. Sinai;

Shavuot: French Dairy Delights

September 1, 2015, by

During the years I lived in France, I realized that Shavuot is a perfect time to enjoy such luscious French dishes as cheese soufflés, quiches with creamy fillings and sweet cheese tarts for dessert. Alsace and southern France are regions in which Jews have lived for centuries. These areas are also known for their tasty

Diabetes-Friendly Dinner the Whole Family Will Love!

September 1, 2015, by

My friend, an art teacher, called me in tears. Her husband had just been diagnosed with type II diabetes. She spent an hour with a dietitian at the hospital, but still didn’t know what to make for dinner. Actually, what to make that was quick and easy and that her husband would eat. She’s not

Cheesecake: Do I Need an Excuse?

September 1, 2015, by

Shavuot is the time when we celebrate the giving of the Torah, but like so many other Jewish holidays, there’s a food component too. This is the “dairy” holiday. Visions of cheesecake come to mind. I’ve heard numerous explanations of why dairy and Shavuot go hand in hand. One is that the holiday commemorates the

Spring Strawberries

September 1, 2015, by

When April comes you can smell the strawberries from a few feet away. The fruit fills the produce section’s air with a sweet fragrance reminiscent of spun sugar. Perfume-y wisps dance under your nose to tempt you. You just know those berries are going to be juicy and sweet. The way strawberries are supposed to

Fast Food Jacques Pepin’s Way

August 31, 2015, by

Fast food from a celebrity French Chef? Yes. Television mega star and French chef, Jacques Pepin talked about his book and TV series “Fast Food My Way” on my recently interviewed him on OU Radio. I asked him what he meant by fast food. His answer — “Fast food is not a new type of

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