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Summer Tomatoes

September 7, 2015, by

Tomatoes have had a love-me, love-me-not sort of history. Thousands of years ago the fruit grew wild in its native Peru, where no one gave it much notice. It was some time before the Aztecs, in what is now present-day Mexico, tamed the plant, and named it too: tomatl. Generations later the conquistadors took tomato

Veggies: To Go!

September 7, 2015, by

(or how to eat well, eat smart and stay PARVE) Maybe it’s the month of Av that got me thinking in terms of Non-Meat suppers. Or the heat of summer. Then again, it may be my organic-leaning friends with their high energy levels. Or maybe it’s just knowing I can eat any of this and

Sauteed Chicken: It’s All in the Sizzle

September 6, 2015, by

Like so many other ingredients, these lean, white meat chicken portions are terrific when grilled, but sautéing is a good alternative when you’re not in the mood to cook outdoors. Sautéing keeps the kitchen heat to a minimum and the food cooks within minutes. All you need is a good skillet and some interesting, fresh

Festive Summertime Fish

September 6, 2015, by

When the weather warms up, it’s only natural that most of us want to relax and feel like we’re on vacation, whether we are out of town or at home. This is the time to shake loose from usual cooking routines and take it easy. For entertaining, there is no need to follow a rigid

WALES, All Castles and Dragons

As a youngster growing up, many family vacations were spent in Wales. A country of amazing culture, history, sights and countryside especially in the North where we visited frequently. The view of Mount Snowdown, from the village of Capel Curig Wales is located on a peninsula in central-west Great Britain. It is about the size

The Mother Sauces

September 4, 2015, by

The Mother Sauces, also known as “Grand Sauces”, are the fundamentals of classical French cuisine. These are the five sauces that every cook should know and master. Thousands of derivative sauces can be categorized under the five Mother Sauces and the possibilities for variations are infinite. The five Mother Sauces are. Béchamel: a white sauce

My Thai Chicken Salad, An Uncontested Winner

September 4, 2015, by

Try this Thai chicken Salad for a one-dish summer dinner. The secret to this dish is the dressing. It’s made by adding Thai peanut sauce to your favorite vinaigrette or oil and vinegar dressing. The rich peanut sauce adds authentic spices and blends all the delicate ingredients together. Chicken, shredded Chinese cabbage and summer fruit

Homemade Liqueur

September 4, 2015, by

Judy Bart Kancigor, OUcooking.org Columnist – Melting Pot Memories says: Cherry Vishnyek My grandfather, Papa Harry, used to make a cordial with the sour cherries from his cherry trees. When my Aunt Estelle was three years old, she uncorked the bottle when no one was looking and helped herself to the cherries. Fortunately they soon

Cracked Cake

September 4, 2015, by

Faye Levy, OUcooking.org Columnist – Food by Faye says: It depends what kind of cake you are baking. Different factors cause cracks in different kinds of cakes. * When I developed HONEY CAKE recipes, I have found they sink and crack if I made the batter too rich in oil or honey for the amount

Pareve Hamburger Buns

September 4, 2015, by

Brian Mailman, OUcooking.org Columnist – Slow Food in the Fast Lane says: Any bread recipe can be formed into a hamburger bun shape and with that in mind the entire lexicon opens up. I would suggest a challah, ‘cuz of the cake-like texture that I think you’re wanting. Onion rolls or Kaiser rolls are also

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