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How Malaysia Became One of the Most Anti-Semitic Countries in the World

February 16, 2016, by

From Tablet Magazine: Malaysia is in political and economic crisis as it has been, now, for many months, due to a huge and still unresolved corruption scandal featuring a mysterious $700 million that was transferred into a bank account belonging to the country’s Prime Minister Najib Razak. The money arrived just before a hotly contested

Lubavitch Man Stabbed in Brooklyn

February 10, 2016, by

From the JTA: An Orthodox man was stabbed on a sidewalk in the Brooklyn neighborhood that is home to the Chabad-Lubavitch movement’s world headquarters. Yehuda Lib Brikman, 25, who according to JPUpdates is newly married, was stabbed Wednesday morning in the upper back on a residential street in Crown Heights. He was rushed to Kings County Hospital

Anti-Semitism a ‘Recurrent Problem’ in Dutch Schools

February 9, 2016, by

From the JTA: Anti-Semitism is a persistent problem in some Dutch schools and especially among Muslim pupils, according to a new government-commissioned report on discrimination in education. The findings appeared in a 55-page report titled “Two Worlds, Two Realities – How Do You Deal with It as a Teacher,” which was published last week by

Hundreds Gather for Midwest NCSY’s Annual Banquet

February 9, 2016, by

Hundreds of community members came to show their support for Midwest NCSY and what Honoree Mr. Jonah Bruck called the organization’s “lifesaving work,” at its Annual Banquet on January 31 at the Bryn Mawr Country Club. “NCSY is like Hatzolah. They are literally saving lives,” said Mr. Bruck who, together with wife Jo, were the

In College ‘Safe Spaces’ No Jews Allowed

February 5, 2016, by

From The Tower: When Arielle Mokhtarzadeh and Ben Rosenberg arrived at University of California, Berkeley on November 6 to attend the annual Students of Color Conference, they had no way of knowing that they would be leaving as victims of anti-Semitism. The University of California Student Association’s “oldest and largest conference,” the Students of Color Conference (SOCC)

Hundreds Attend Funeral of Slain Border Patrol Officer

February 5, 2016, by

From The Jerusalem Post: Hundreds of mourners gathered Thursday in Yehud ahead of the funeral procession for slain Border Police officer Hadar Cohen, who was killed in a terror attack the day before at Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate. The 19-year-old was buried in the central Israeli city’s military cemetery. Among those who paid t heir last

Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Belsky zt’l Passes Away

January 28, 2016, by

Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Belsky zt’l, senior halachic consultant for the Orthodox Union, a roshei yeshiva of Yeshiva Torah Vodaath and a luminary of Orthodox Judaism, passed away on January 28 after a battle with cancer. He was 77. “We at the Orthodox Union join the rest of the Jewish people in mourning the loss of Rav Chaim Yisroel

Holocaust Victims Return to Auschwitz 71 Years Later

January 28, 2016, by

Newser has an amazing photo gallery of Holocaust victims returning to Auschwitz: Dozens of elderly Holocaust survivors lit candles at Auschwitz on Wednesday, exactly 71 years after the Soviet army liberated the death camp that has become the most powerful symbol of the human suffering inflicted by Nazi Germany during World War II. The commemoration

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