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Doni Joszef

Doni Joszef LMSW is a cognitive psychotherapist practicing with adolescents and young adults in Cedarhurst. He is a member of the DRS Guidance Department, and is available by appointment. Contact Doni at (516)316-2246 or email DJoszef@Gmail.com.

Mars and Venus on Vacation

January 19, 2012, by

Can Mars get in on the fun and relaxation? Or will quality time with the family be forever jeopardized by his need for structure?

Untouchable in a Touchscreen World

December 21, 2011, by

In a high-touch, at-your-fingertips, news-feed and twitter-feed world, it can be hard to see – let alone believe in – that which lies beyond the directly tangible. Godliness, spirituality, miracles, they exist. The candles of the menorah help us reconnect and put us back…in touch.

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