Aviva Rizel

Aviva Rizel

Aviva Rizel, MA, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Aviva maintains a busy private practice in Cedarhurst, NY where she sees couples, families and individuals. She previously served as the Clinical Director of The Five Towns Marriage Initiative. She is Certified in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), the most effective, research-based model for strengthening couples' connections. Aviva is also active in educating therapists and laypeople about EFT. Mrs. Rizel and her husband, Meir Rizel, LMHC, enjoy co-lecturing across the tri-state area together almost as much as they enjoy raising their three children together in Far Rockaway, NY. To reach Aviva, email AvivaRizel.mft@gmail.com or call 347-292-8482 To find out more about Emotionally Focused Therapy, go to iceeft.com.

Ask Aviva: End of the Line

April 16, 2015, by

Dear Aviva, My husband and I separated a few months ago. I was the one who initiated it and he was very against it. I was thinking about getting a divorce and now I am not so sure. I am very happy with the separation but I still want to work on things. He, on

Ask Aviva: No Mojo

April 1, 2015, by

Dear Aviva, I am a fashion designer who is more of a seamstress. I just don’t know how to be ambitious. I look at all these other designers who seem so cool and put their work out there and I sit and think—wouldn’t that be nice? Then I go watch a show or chat on

Ask Aviva: Nervous with Neat

March 19, 2015, by

Dear Aviva, I am getting the pre-Pesach jitters, but not for the reason that you think. We actually go away for the entire yom tov, so I don’t need to worry about cleaning. What I am worried about is what will happen when we go away. We will be staying in my parents’ house for

Ask Aviva: Chilled Chassan

March 12, 2015, by

I recently got engaged to a girl who I dated for a while. I know she is the one, but my family is starting to tell me that she is too critical and negative. I do see what they are saying, but it doesn’t bother me the way that it bothers them. I happen to have a

Ask Aviva: Mezinka Mom

February 26, 2015, by

Dear Aviva, I am almost embarrassed to write this email, because I know that my “problem” is a real blessing. I feel very selfish to complain about this, but I don’t think anyone would understand it if I said it out loud. My problem is that my daughter is getting married and while I have been davening

Ask Aviva: Summer Bummin’

February 19, 2015, by

Dear Aviva, I’m having some issues with how to deal with “moving on.” It’s nothing major, but my family spent the past three summers away from home at a program on a college campus. My husband worked on the program and I had the freedom to be a “Camp Mommy” and traipse all around the town—or state—having fun

Ask Aviva: Stay at Home Dad

February 12, 2015, by

Dear Aviva, I lost my job last year when my wife was 6 months pregnant with our fourth child. She had been a stay at home mom for all these years, even though she has a medical degree. We decided that the most financially sound thing for us to do is for her to go back to

Ask Aviva: Plumped up

February 4, 2015, by

Dear Aviva, I’ll just come out with it: I am an overweight person. I haven’t always been overweight, but after a few pregnancies, and the joys and distractions of motherhood, I’ve put on a few extra pounds that I’d rather not have. But, I choose to be happy and not worry about it at the moment where

Ask Aviva: Sour Sibling-in-Law

January 28, 2015, by

Dear Aviva, I am having an issue with my sibling-in-law. Whenever said in-law comes to visit, she makes herself too comfortable in my home. She opens my fridge, eats whatever she pleases, and uses her own utensils at the dinner table to scrape off the food from the main serving utensil, which I find quite distasteful! This in-law

Ask Aviva: Dialectically Different

January 15, 2015, by

Dear Aviva, I’m a 40 year-old, Brooklyn-born convert and have since moved far from New York. B’H everything that has to do with Judaism has come naturally to me. But there is still one thing that keeps me from feeling like everyone else. My issue is that no matter how much I try when I speak I sound