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There are tens of thousands of Jewish people throughout the United States who rely on food pantries or similar services, and there are upwards of 225 food agencies that provide low-cost or free kosher food in 24 states across the country. Reasons for food access challenges vary: some individuals have serious economic barriers; some live in “food deserts,” areas where access to kosher food is limited; some may struggle with mobility challenges that render them reliant on food deliveries; and others manage some combination of all three.

Kosher Food Lifeline was created to help existing pantries, Tomchei Shabbos, bikur cholims and other related social service agencies provide nutritious kosher food to those in need. KFL offers need-based feeding programs assistance with procurement, grants, networking opportunities, and other logistical support that will improve their ability to meet the needs of their communities.

The OU is uniquely positioned to move the needle on the issue of kosher food access. OU Kosher has built partnerships, some of which go back many decades, with wonderful food companies, many of which are committed to doing their part to help those in need.

How can we help?

How can we help?

After you register, KFL will be in touch to learn more about your organization, find out where you might need assistance, and share some information on potential resources for your agency.

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KFL is a project of the Orthodox Union and depends on donations to grow and develop its offerings. If you would like to help us in our efforts to support kosher food pantries, please donate here

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We take care of each other.

There is nothing more important than being there for others in times of need. KFL is creating networks that will help kosher food pantries coordinate purchases so that you can direct donations where they are needed most. We aim to increase efficiency, eliminate waste, bring prices down, help our corporate partners provide food pantries, and help related agencies provide more nutritious kosher food.

How can you help?

Become a KFL “Pantry Partner” by filling out our form. Your company may have particular kosher products that food pantries need. Or perhaps you have plans to give away surplus food but don’t know where it is needed most? Let us help coordinate a donation that works for you and the food pantries.

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“Thank you very much for the beautiful donation/grant of Pesach food from the OU and as well covering the shipping costs all the way to Denver. I know I can speak on behalf of all the gabbaim to let you know how much it meant to all of us to have such a meaningful donation. The donation had an even more special feeling as we never requested this, but rather you approached us which continues to show your support for the Klal. I must say that we were in awe with the high quality and amount of each and every product you sent us.

Our families that we distribute Tomchei were amazed and many were in tears knowing that this year Pesach will be enhanced for them because of your special donation. We told every family of your generous gift and they are extremely grateful for your gift.”

Shlomo Fried Tomchai Shabbat of Denver

KFL in Your Community

When a community is reeling from a disaster and is seeking basic support, it can be an additional challenge for Jews affected by the disaster to find kosher food they can eat. KFL is here to ensure available kosher food can reach those who need it directly. If you would like to be a KFL “Food Responder” in your region, please sign up here.

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KFL Partners with Tomchei Shabbos of Queens at the OU’s Torah New York

On Sunday, September 22nd, KFL and Tomchei Shabbos of Queens partnered together to run activities as part of the children’s programming at Torah New York at Citi Field. Mr. Aron Katz, Co-Director of TSQ, and Rivka Lederman, volunteer at TSQ, spoke to the children about Tomchei Shabbos and the need for food donations for families […]

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1,400 Cases of Tahini Donated

Thank you to Bonnie Schwartzbaum of JCS of South Florida Kosher Food Bank for rerouting 1,400 cases of organic tahini paste in Scranton, PA to the Scranton community. Thanks to the tremendous efforts of David Elliot Poultry, in addition to the Scranton and Wilkes-Barre communities, a portion of this donation was sent to Silver Spring, […]

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