21 Jun 2006

The Biblical Holiday which commemorates Hashem’s provision of His Clouds of Glory to escort the Jewish People through the desert. According to another opinion which does not disagree that Hashem provided Clouds of Glory, but maintains that the Holiday focuses on a different aspect of G-d’s protection; namely, the psychological, that Hashem enabled the Jews to find comfort in the temporary huts which we call “Sukkot,” even in the harsh conditions of the desert. Both opinions agree that the theme of the holiday is G-d’s protection. “Mitzvot,” or Commandments of this Holiday include dwelling in a Sukkah, and waving in all directions a set of four species: the “lulav,” or palm branch, the “etrog,” or citron, a group of three “hadasim,” or myrtle branches, and a set of two “aravot,” or willow branches, to show that Hashem rules over nature everywhere.