Portraits of Rabbinic Women

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Many rebbetzins of the past were dynamic, Jewishly knowledgeable women who were invaluable partners to their rabbinic husbands. By Faigy Grunfeld Rebbetzin. A relatively modern word but a fairly… Read more

No Need For Forgiveness

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While the congregant spoke about the difficulty in finding meaning in a child’s death, a visitor sitting on an aisle seat in the men’s section spoke up. “We lost a soldier.” Read more

The Role of Music in Prayer

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By Chaim David Berson One of the ways we can find greater meaning in prayer is through music. A melody or a nusach (musical theme) that is in harmony with the meaning of the words is a powerful… Read more

Lot’s Daughters

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By R. Rosenfeld He asked me “Are you headed north?” I nodded and he followed. The two of us, coated in dust – left footprints in the ash of pulverized humans, computers, desks and towers.  … Read more

In The Limelight

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Despite the expectations, visibility and sacrifice, these children of rabbis or high-profile rebbetzins saw close-up what it means to take a community under one’s wing, and to dedicate one’s life to… Read more