Leaving Egypt in Romania

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It was the first night of Pesach, and on a holiday that celebrates questions, I began by asking one. “Where are we tonight?” We were 150 people, participants in a communal Seder I led last year in… Read more

Life As a Happy Single Person

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I bought couches. They are beige, with button detail on the sides and dark wood trim. I bought a variety of pillows to go on them, chocolate brown and light blue—silk, suede and cotton. I rearranged… Read more

The Art of Leading a Seder

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Participating in a Seder comes naturally to those who grew up in observant families or who had the benefit of a Jewish day school education. But what about ba’alei teshuvah or those who don’t have an… Read more

The Sound of My Thoughts

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I often hear people talk about the awakening power of the sound of the shofar—how awesome a moment, how inspiring an experience it is for them. From the perspective of one who blows the shofar, the… Read more

Weeping and Wishing

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This is a most personal article and reflects my emotions and hopes about my beloved Jewish people. Almost a year ago a friend of mine sent me a Hebrew book as a gift. Because of other commitments, I… Read more

Parking Lot Minyan

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I have good news for those of you in despair about the shtiebelization of American Orthodoxy. I have inadvertently conducted a social science experiment in my own community, and the results suggest… Read more