Pray or Play?

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By Alan D. Krinsky Imagine that we treated communal prayer the way a football team treats a game. Aside from all of the training, consider the day of the game. Everyone suits up in the locker room,… Read more

Dancing on the Edge

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The room is packed to capacity. The noise is deafening. Working my way past the onlookers near the entrance, I manage to reach the outermost circle of dancing women. Someone notices me, takes my hand… Read more

A Yom Kippur Guest

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“Hi Rabbi, while we’re Orthodox, our cousins belong to the Reform Temple in your neighborhood. They’ll be celebrating their son’s bar mitzvah in a few months. Would a family in your shul be willing to… Read more

The Accidental Shadchan

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I’ve always been skeptical about “love at first sight” stories. Instant attraction is one thing, but I never believed that true love, the real deal, could blossom the instant one person first set eyes… Read more

Story Time

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We all know the midrash: Once upon a time, many, many Rosh Hashanahs ago, Hashem looked into the Torah and used it as a blueprint to make the world—to make us. Read more