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Dr. Erica Brown

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While I almost always write my own job description—not neatly fitting into existing frameworks—I think you can only do that for so long before fatigue sets in. It’s kind of crazy to have this… Read more


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To me, the question of leadership is not necessarily about how I find fulfillment or the impact I want to have. It’s about asking, “Why are we here?” It’s about serving HaKadosh Baruch Hu to the best… Read more


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Everyone has his or her own mission. You follow the dots that God has given you and you go with it. There are women who derive immense satisfaction from working full time, and there are women who… Read more


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My beloved high school Navi teacher, Rabbi Ebstein, z”l, a survivor who tried hard to make the messages of the ancient prophets relevant to our Beth Jacob Esther Schoenfeld high school senior class,… Read more

What Makes a Good Leader?

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By Aviva Weisbord 1. Take responsibility: We lead because there’s something that needs to be accomplished. 2. Offer a vision: People join when there is a clear purpose and end-goal. 3. Make a team: We… Read more

Celebrity Kosher Chefs

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Stardom and the rise of the “celebrity chef” have created a place for chefs in modern society on par with the likes of sports personalities and actors. That visibility has impacted the kosher world as… Read more