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Letters Winter 2014

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Exercise for Torah Cardiologists Drs. Charles and Elie Traube write (“Becoming Heart Healthy” [fall 2014]) that far too many painful stories could have been avoided had patients exercised… Read more

The Rabbi and His Board

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By Yamin Levy It’s been a quarter of a century since I joined the rabbinate. I’ve earned my battle stripes, and I still believe that a good pulpit rabbi can accomplish more for the Jewish people in… Read more

Our New Special Baby

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Our New Special Baby Written by Chaya Rosen Illustrated by Rivkie Braverman Feldheim Publishers Nanuet, New York, 2013 43 pages Reviewed by Dovid M. Cohen Our New Special Baby, written by Chaya Rosen… Read more

Remembering Anne Samson

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Remembering Anne Samson By Batya Rosner When 175 teenagers ended up in the hospital with food poisoning at a West Coast NCSY event subsequently dubbed the “Malibu Malady Madness,” Anne Samson, a”h,… Read more

Pray or Play?

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By Alan D. Krinsky Imagine that we treated communal prayer the way a football team treats a game. Aside from all of the training, consider the day of the game. Everyone suits up in the locker room,… Read more