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Is Healthy Eating the Latest Craze?

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By Naomi Ross “I’m trying to stay away from kugels these days. They’re just too high in fats and sugars and my family doesn’t even want them anymore.” This is a familiar sentiment echoed in many of… Read more

Readings for the Yamim Noraim

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With Rosh Hashanah approaching, we asked leading thinkers and educators to share with us their favorite books or seforim they rely on to help prepare for the holiness and awe of the day. Charlie… Read more

Summer of Change

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By Martin Nachimson I write these words at the end of July, in the midst of a tumultuous summer—a summer unlike any I can recall in recent years. During these days and weeks of turmoil in which Jews… Read more

Letters, Fall 2014

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Revisiting Pew I take issue with the notion that the Pew report is an indictment of the Orthodox community, as expressed by a number of contributors to your recent symposium (“After Pew: What Will it… Read more