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Chairman’s Message

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In our cover story, we do not purport to offer solutions to the challenge of prayer. We don’t want to provide quick, simplistic answers to complex, nuanced problems; with this issue we are hoping to… Read more

The Role of Music in Prayer

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By Chaim David Berson One of the ways we can find greater meaning in prayer is through music. A melody or a nusach (musical theme) that is in harmony with the meaning of the words is a powerful… Read more

Lot’s Daughters

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By R. Rosenfeld He asked me “Are you headed north?” I nodded and he followed. The two of us, coated in dust – left footprints in the ash of pulverized humans, computers, desks and towers.  … Read more


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Music Poetry is music set to words. Or words set to music. I’m not sure which. But every poem has a melody of its own. It must speak not only to heart or mind, but to the ear. The notes must be… Read more

The Value of Stories

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The Value of Stories Nothing refreshes the soul, purifies the heart, sharpens the mind and brings a man closer to his Father in Heaven than a good story. Go and learn… In the Torah, the Holy One… Read more